zondag 29 mei 2011

Chris Faust - Faust LP (2011)

1. Genesis (prod. Ibe)
2. Me Vs. The Machine Featuring Ibe (prod. Ibe)
3. So Long Featuring Mike Maven (prod. 6th Sense)
4. Maybe Now Begins Featuring Sunny Jones (prod. 2 Thumbs Up)
5. Holli Woode Featuring Rocki Evans (prod. Tristate)
6. Water Colors (Interlude) (prod. Ibe)
7. Looking Back Featuring Outasight (prod. Ibe)
8. Good Days, Good Nights Featuring Capri and Carras Paton (prod. Ibe)
9. Higher Than I Ever Been Featuring Kris Kasanova and Rocki Evans (prod. Ibe)
10. White Clouds Featuring Cocoa Sarai (prod. Ibe)
11. Forget Her Featuring Mike Maven (prod. Tristate)
12. Attention to Detail Featuring Sunny Jones, Cocoa Sarai and Krystal
13. Eversley (prod. 2 Thumbs Up)
14. The Choosing Featuring Sunny Jones (prod. 2 Thumbs Up)
15. Grey Clouds (Interlude) (prod. Chris Faust)
16. Black Clouds featuring Cocoa Sarai (prod. Clyde and Harry)
17. As You Like It (prod. Ibe)
18. Revelations (prod. Ibe)


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