vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Kid CuDi - Man on the Moon II:The Legend of Mr. Rager (2010)

1 Scott Mescudi VS the World feat. Cee-Lo
3 Don’t Play This Song feat. Mary J. Blige
4 We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up)
5 Marijuana
6 Mojo So Dope
7 Ashin’ Kusher
8 Erase Me feat. Kanye West
9 Wild’n Cuz Im Young
10 The Mood
11 MANIAC feat. Cage & St. Vincent
12 Mr. Rager
13 These Worries feat. Mary J. Blige
14 The End feat. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper & Nicole Wray
15 All Along
17 Trapped In My Mind

Album Preview
Maniac ft Cage

Download (320 kbps/Nongrouprip)

JustMe (of Scribbling Idiiots) - Tragedy & Dope LP (2010)

1 - Tragedy & Dope
2 - I Know
3 - Serenity
4 - The Truth & A Lie
5 - Out Of Context
6 - Ups & Downs
7 - Sexual Confessional
8 - The Prodigal
9 - Quitting Time
10 - Wade

Tragedy & Dope is JustMe's third solo album and is entirely produced by Deacon The Villain of Cunninlynguists for A Piece Of Strange Music. Deacon also sings hooks on 5 of the album's 10 tracks. The album is now available on JustMe's bandcamp for a minimum donation of 5$. It will be available on Itunes/Amazon etc on November 2nd.

I was pretty exited about this project (basically every project that has something to do with Cunninlynguists) and after listening to the album on Justme's bandcamp I must say it meets my expectations. Shit is dope give it a listen and support the artist..

Buy/Stream Album

donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Rockie Fresh - What's The Hurry (video)

From Rockie Fresh's upcoming mixtape Otherside dropping December 14th

Download mp3

Mongrel - Better Than Heavy (2009)

01. Barcode 03:55
02. Lies 03:22
03. Hit From The Morning Sun 03:32
04. Off The Leash 01:03
05. The Menace 03:22
06. Act Like That 03:24
07. Julian 05:33
08. Better Than Heavy 04:14
09. Better Them Than Us 03:29
10. Alphabet Assassins 05:21
11. All Your Ever Afters 03:46

01. Guess Whos Coming Home 04:56
02. Gun Dub 03:47
03. Mr 20 04:08
04. Better Than Dub 05:24
05. Mesopotamia 03:24
06. Alphabet Vs Brother Culture 03:42
07. 45681950 04:11
08. Brainwashing 03:26
09. Hit From The Morning Dub 03:20

The Menace

All Your Ever Afters

Better Them Than Us

"Mongrel are a group formed in 2008, by former Arctic Monkeys bassist Andy Nicholson. Alongside Nicholson in the
band are Jon McClure and Joe Moskow, both of Reverend and the Makers, Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell and Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys as well as London rapper Lowkey from the Poisonous Poets."


The Let Go - Tomorrow Handles That (2008)

01. Turning On You
02. Sun Dont Shine
03. We Never Talk
04. Searching For Sun feat. Grieves
05. Standing Back
06. No Difference feat. Mac Lethal
07. Sponsor Words
08. Live Life Like A Western feat. Symmetry
09. Booty Fiend
10. Party Crashers feat. Louis Logic
11. Moodswing
12. No I Dont feat. Josh Martinez
13. Easy Road
14. Desolation

Sun Dont Shine

No Difference feat. Mac Lethal

Booty Fiend

"THE LET GO is a hip hop group comprised of two emcees, Type and Kublakai, and one producer, Captain Midnite. All members were born and raised in Seattle, WA, where they all currently reside. The combination of their talents came together naturally for the three friends and each member has something distinctively unique they bring to the group: Type is known for his satirical content and smash mouth punchlines, Kublakai made a name for himself by having catchy hooks and genuine style, while Captain Midnite brings the art of true composition back to boom bap hip hop, with crackin drums and bold sample chops in a beat bound to have at least three change-ups before the tracks ends."


Pretty Lights - Glowing In The Darkest Night EP (2010)

01. Still Night
02. Out of Time
03. Looking For Love (But Not So Sure)
04. Shining Bright Despite The Plight
05. Gazing At The Glare
06. Drift Away
07. Gold Coast Hustle
08. So Much In The Dark

Still Night

So Much In The Dark

Pretty Lights’ newest EP, the third and final installment of the EP series he’s releasing this year, is called Glowing in the Darkest Night. As usual, PL delivers.


Joe Budden - Follow My Lead (Video)

woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Mansions On The Moon - Paradise Falls (Mixtape)

01 Introduction (Coldwater)
02 Glimpse Into the Future (Xaphoon Jones Remix)
03 This Life (DJ A Mad Decent Remix)
04 Satellite w/ Deadmau5
05 Coldwater w/ Ced Hughes
06 Broken Paradise w/ Washed Out
07 Destroy Me
08 She Makes Me Feel
09 Lights Off w/ Junior Boys
10 Palm Of Your Hand
11 Space to Breathe (Big Gigantic Remix)
12 Last Call (Benzi & Willy Joy Remix)

She Makes Me Feel

Coldwater w/ Ced Hughes

Broken Paradise w/ Washed Out

Mansions on the Moon is the latest project from Lane Shaw and Ben Hazlegrove (of Pnuma Trio) along with singer/songwriter, Ted Wendler. The group formed a little over a year ago, developing their signature sound at studios in Atlanta and Virginia Beach and have since collaborated with N*E*R*D, Diplo, DJ Benzi and Chiddy Bang's Xaphoon Jones.

Paradise Falls, presented by Diplo and DJ Benzi illustrates the wide range of Mansions on the Moon’s musical capabilities. The band is currently in Los Angeles recording their debut album with tour dates to be announced in the early part of 2011"


dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

Kendrick Lamar - R.O.T.C ft BJ the Chicago Kid (Video)

Erick Arc Elliott - Renvoi. (2010)

1 - It's your world
2 - Inside
3 - Smile
4 - Wait
5 - Crazy Breaks
6 - Last Place
7 - O.M.G
8 - Pen Pal
9 - Award Night

"I thought after getting my computer back I’d have all the time in the world to be productive. Sike. I was slacking on the weekly posts of the Renvoi. tracks [because I had no computer to retrieve the files], so I decided to design a new cover and just put all the tracks I planned to upload into one file. This should compensate for a bit while I’m steadily working on the Almost Remembered EP. Sorry for that again guys! Keep in mind, the tracks are in no specific order and were recorded at completely different intervals of time…

ERICK ARC ELLIOTT: “Renvoi’s literal translation in French means , “to send back” or “to return unopened”. Here are 9 tracks I picked at random for you guys to listen to and critique. A few of these are dated back to late 2008! Whew!"

Too many people still sleeping on this guy. Do yourself a favor and download Noir.is black and this one..


Black Sand - Black Sand (2010)

01.The Taking
02.Give Em Something
03.Say When (Ft. Hoffa & I.Speak)
04.Here We Go
05.Making Love Tonight (Ft. Chicago Jones)
06.Stay The Night (Ft. Kae Hock)
08.One Step Closer
09.Interrupt The Flow
10.One Dream Away

Never heard of them before but I must say this sounds pretty good, particularly the last part of the CD.


Cradle Orchestra – Transcended Elements (2010)

01.Don’t Wake Me Up feat. Speech
02.Eternal Truth
03.Follow This feat. Hocus Pocus
04.I Never Knew feat. Substantial
05.Imported Nights feat. Camp Lo
07.Make Life feat. Aloe Blacc
08.Married to the Game feat. Cl Smooth & Jean Curley
09.On My Way feat. Nieve & Jean Curley
10.Picnic feat. de la Soul (Pos Plug Won and Dave)
11.The Night Is Right feat. Giovanca
12.Things Have Changed feat. Pismo
13.Walk Out feat. Need Not Worry
14.You Got to Luv It feat. Guru

Married to the Game feat. Cl Smooth & Jean Curley

I Never Knew feat. Substantial

You Got to Luv It feat. Guru

Cradle is a groundbreaking Japanese unit specializing and leading a beautiful revolution in mellow and jazzy Hip Hop track making. Pursuing their dream sound (and also partly due to the risks and limitations using sampling) Cradle commenced working hard on creating their own unique “LIVE SOUND”, an exciting, new sound that they have always wanted to create. By collaborating directly with some amazingly skilled and high profile musicians in Japan CRADLE now incorporate live violin, flute, piano, saxophone, bass, and many more instruments into their track making. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of amazingly beautiful and unique melodies with an incredibly original orchestra type sound……the CRADLE ORCHESTRA sound!"

The sophomore album of the Japanese group Cradle Orchestra. I loved their first CD and and it seems that this one is cut from the same cloth. I guess I'll save this one until the summer arrives again. Hit the search for more material..


zondag 24 oktober 2010

Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 4 (Mixtape)

1. Intro (Pray For Me)
2. Aftermath
3. Role Reversal
4. Come Along
5. Mop Salad (Skit)
6. Sober Up (Feat. Crooked I)
7. Dessert 4 Thought (Feat. Styles P & Pusha T)
8. 1000 Faces
9. Inseperable
10. The Shoes (Skit)
11. Remember The Titans (Feat. Fabolous, Lloyd Banks & Royce Da 5′9″)
12. Welcome To Real Life
13. No Idea
14. Black Cloud
15. Follow Your Lead
16. Stuck In The Moment
17. If All Else Fails

Black Cloud

1000 Faces

Dessert 4 Thought (Feat. Styles P & Pusha T)

The waiting is over, Are you in that mood yet? The sample free (retail version) will be released mid November.


zondag 17 oktober 2010

Blame One - Endurance (2010)

1. The Elders
2. It’s a Stick Up
3. Ateteaeight (feat. Ruslan / Beleaf)
4. Still Doin Me
5. Do Work (feat. Bia)
6. Step It Up (feat. Big Left)
7. Right to Exist
8. AC All Day (feat. Jimmy Powers / Kahless / Saviorself / Nothinless)
9. Classic Hits
10. Glass House
11. Endurance
12. The Illest (feat. Anthony Rutkowski)
13. Studio Time (feat. Pedalay)
14. Bret Favre’n It

Right To Exist

"West coast MC Blame One disappointed many fans when he announced his retirement last year… only to come back even stronger than ever with his superb early 2010 mixtape
Leaks & Gemz. Now Blame One is officially back with a full-length album, Endurance."

I'm glad that he decided to continue making music.


Little Vic - Each Dawn I Die (2008)

01- Each Dawn I Do [03:54]
02- Its My Turn [03:50]
03- The Evil that Men Do [04:55]
04- Dying Slowly [03:32]
05- This is What it Sounds Like [03:34]
06- Love Hurts [03:59]
07- The Exorcist [03:49]
08- After All I've Done [03:03]
09- Caked Up Feat Kool G Rap [04:41]
10- Sister Morphine [03:54]
11- Carry the Weight [03:16]

It's My Turn

Sister Morphine

Love Hurts

"There's no denying that New York rap has lost its luster over the years. While The Big Apple is the birthplace of Hip Hop itself, and the east coast formula of hard-hitting boom bap and multi-syllabic rhymes is one of the genre's trademarks, it's not as prevalent anymore. Not only are other sounds becoming more widespread, but too many emcees in the area are either trying too hard to keep their sound "up to date" or they're so formulaic that they can't move forward at all. Thankfully, Long Island emcee Little Vic shows the right balance on Each Dawn I Die, keeping his feet firmly planted in the legacy of New York rap without letting it hold him back.

Little Vic shows an incredible chemistry with the East Coast rap legends that made him. "The Exorcist" sees him tearing apart a minimalist offering from DJ Premier, showcasing his sharp, developed flow over a sparse, effective soundbed of bass, snares and beeps, complete with Primo's trademark scratching on the hook. Vic teams up with Buckwild for "The Evil That Men Do," a detailed street soliloquy whose tone is set by a melancholy backdrop of eerie keys and cacophonous guitars by the D.I.T.C. producer. On the only cameo spot of the album, Kool G Rap shows up on "Caked Up," where he and Vic go bar for bar with the gritty, punchline-heavy rhymes that are definitive of the area.

Whenever Vic isn't working with the legends of yesteryears, he's succeeding by utilizing the formula they made successful. Producers Velotz and Double Shot handle over half of Each Dawn I Die, giving the disc a cohesive progression that seesaws from dark and moody to triumphant and soulful. The disc clocks in at a lean 11 tracks and 42 minutes--and very few bars, if any, are wasted. Lyrically, Vic rhymes about street life, the music industry ("After All I've Done"), women ("Love Hurts") and depression via drug abuse ( "Sister Morphine," another highlight)--staying in his pocket as to not to go too left field, but versatile to show he's not entirely one-dimensional. He knows when to use a punchline, when to tell a story to deliver his message, and when to simply construct a 16 that makes the point. Little Vic isn't reinventing the wheel by any means, but his understanding of the original East Coast sound and his ability to recreate it today's rap scene without it sounding contrived is commendable, and makes for an enjoyable listen.

Little Vic doesn't necessarily have the "it" factor that the East Coast legends before him had, and Each Dawn I Die isn't necessarily a future Illmatic in terms of changing the genre. But this album is a great reminder, and Little Vic is a hell of a historian." hiphopdx


woensdag 13 oktober 2010

Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 4 Trailers

Final Trailer

Mood Muzik 4 dropping October 26th, Are you in that mood yet?!

Terrace Martin & Devi Dev - Here My Dear (2010)

1 - Intro (ft Tiffany Hobbs)
2 - Love Prelude
3 - Thing For You (ft Tone Trezure & J Black)
4 - Interlude Terrace Martin & Devi Dev
5 - Give Me Some Of You (ft Kendrick Lamar)
6 - I Had No Idea (ft Kendirck Lamar)
7 - Show Her The Way (ft Kurupt, Lady G Da Real Deal, Problem & Dom Kennedy)
8 - Hey Girl (ft Snoop Dogg & J Black)
9 - Interlude Terrace Martin, Devi Dev & Charlie Wilson
10 - Special (ft U-N-I & Charlie Wilson)
11 - Interlude Terrace Martin & Devi Dev
12 - I'm Done (ft Problem & Nico)
13 - Cheap (Snoop Dogg & Problem)
14 - Interlude Terrace Martin & Devi Dev
15 - Koo Koo Cyco Loco (ft Bad Lucc & Tee Lee)
16 - Makings Of You (ft Kurupt & Overdoz)
17 - Call Me (ft Chris Starr)
18 - Interlude Terrace Martin & Devi Dev
19 - What You Won't Do For Love (ft Don Dolla)
20 - Roll Up (ft Wiz Khalifa & Overdoz)
21 - Expectations (ft Murs, Bad Lucc & Lovely Jean)
22 - Interlude Terrace Martin & Devi Dev
23 - Here, My Dear

Makings Of You (ft Kurupt & Overdoz)

I Had No Idea (ft Kendrick Lamar)

Call Me (ft Chris Starr)

"Terrace Martin
is an LA musician, producer & mc that's been in the business for quite some time. He's played, produced & toured with some of the best in the game including Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z & Red Hot Chili Peppers. Stepping from behind the boards, he put out a couple of mixtapes & ep including the 808 & Sax Breaks. His latest offering "Hear My Dear" (of course inspired by the Marvin Gaye classic) is a 20 track affair that showcases the raw emotion of love in a hiphop form, blending live instrumentation with produced hiphop elements. There's a gang of features from some popular & lesser known artist including Snoop, Wiz Khalifa, Murs, Charlie Wilson, Tone Trezure, U-N-I & Kendrick Lamar."

What a great tape, really worth the download!


maandag 11 oktober 2010

RZA - Gone (Audio)

ft James Black, Kobra Khan & Justin Nozuka

"I dedicate the song "Gone" to my friend Sally Menke and its my gift to her memory. I feel music is the best gift I can give and I'm giving it away to Wu-Disciples for free in her name. Who ever like the song can send a blessing of positive energy to Sally's family and her legacy. Peace. RZA"

Incredible song!


zondag 10 oktober 2010

Blue Scholars - Lumiere (Video)

"Now and then it's nice to give back to others that inspire you.
A few weeks back Blue Scholars released a track entitled "Lumiere" and i put together this collection of imagery to go along with the song.I am honored that they liked it enough to release it out to their fans.you can check them out and see why i've been a fan for many years now."
Video By JJC

Gotham Green & Quickie Mart - Game Change ft Planet Asia (video)

Surreal - Pardon My Dust (2008)

1. Intro
2. Mama Don’t Cry
3. God Speed produced by Rek One
4. The Surface feat. Dillion Maurer prod. by Batsauce
5. Downtown Trodden prod. by nemo G
6. Time Is Of The Essence featuring Izrael Bell produced by Rek One
7. Stay The Same
8. The First Chapter produced by Symbolyc One
9. Rainy Eve
10. The Recipe
11. Pops Lullaby
12. Mama Don’t Cry (Five Quartz Remix)
13. Far Away featuring Othello and Jacewon produced by Def Dave
14. The Pursuit featuring Supastition & Brotha Soul produced by Dela

Far away

Mama don't cry

First chapter

"Surreal is another guy that has been around for a minute that I have continued to sleep on. He dropped his first single back in 1998 and has been involved in other small projects over the years. 2006 ended up being a busy year for the then Florida based MC, with two solid albums dropping in the same year. One with DJ Balance (Future Classic) the other with The Sound Providers (True Indeed). Now hes moved on to the bright and sunny smog laden landscape of LA and has recently dropped his third album "Pardon My Dust" In 2008.

It’s evident from when you hear the first track that the change of scenery has changed his delivery. His flow has slowed down a little bit which is better for his style in my opinon because now he sounds more focused and more smooth over the beats. The lyrics are very solid throughout and are filled with great imagery but nothing really mind blowing. Guest apperances come from Supastition, Izrael Bell, Brotha Soul and Dillion Maurer; everyone comes correct on there verses, especially Supastion and Brotha Soul on "Pursuit".

"Pardon My Dust" relys more on piano & guitar rhythems for the most part instead of the normal tradtional boombap sound of hip hop to provide a tranquil jazzy soundscape much like the one found "True Indeed" But some of the beats were really of hit or miss. Surreal handles the production for 5/14 tracks with the rest coming Rek One, Symbolyc One, Five Quartz, Dela, Batsauce, Neemo and Def Dave. While all them are caple producers they really don’t come with enough variety in there sound to keeps things entertaining.
To me this is not Surreal’s best work. While the lyrics are definatly there the production unfortunately hampers this release from being as good as his previous two albums. But there are still several songs song that stand out that should be enough to give this album a listen." Thefindmagazine.


zaterdag 9 oktober 2010

Simp - Synesthesia (Beat Video)

Everytime I check my mailbox I see a lot of spam and emails from PR agencies about new releases and stuff. Once in a while in between all the junk I come across something that's like a diamond in the ruff.
The reason why I started this blog in the first place was to promote artists that deserve more attention. Even though it has slowly become a bootleg blog with music that I want to share with you guy's, I still want to continue promoting new and upcoming artists. One of them is producer Simp from Vienna (Austria). Just watch the video and enjoy the music! I will share the album with you as soon as it is released...

The Foreign Exchange - Authenticity (2010)

1. The Last Fall
2. Authenticity
3. Eyes To The Sky
4. All Roads
5. Fight For Love
6. Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me
7. Don’t Wait feat. Darien Brockington
8. Make Me A Fool feat. Jesse Boykins III & Median
9. Everything Must Go
10. Laughing At Your Plans feat. Chantae Cann
11. This City Ain’t The Same Without You feat. YahZarah

Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me

Make Me A Fool feat. Jesse Boykins III & Median

"Authenticity" is the 3rd full-length from indie-soul duo The Foreign Exchange.

Picking up where their 2008 Grammy-nominated "Leave It All Behind" set left off, "Authenticity" is the group's most diverse work to date, with a tight, 11-track song cycle spanning the duo's trademark brand of lush electronic soul, to stripped down acoustic pieces that recall the heyday of 70's singer-songwriter driven folk.

Lead single "Maybe She'll Dream Of Me" is a playful, synth-driven hip-hop groove featuring a rapped verse from Phonte that evokes the band's "Connected" era, while the epic opener "The Last Fall" finds Phonte singing some of his most cynical lyrics to date ("Love is at worst an excuse/at best it's a truce...") over a frenzied Nicolay production jammed with layers of strings, guitars, and dense choral harmonies.

"I think every band reaches that point when they come into their own and find a sound that is distinctively theirs," says Phonte in reference to the album's title. "The title refers to me and Nic's journey to find our own unique space within this vast musical landscape. The biggest challenge as a musician is to find that 'thing' that makes you who you are. But I think we're getting there, and we're finding our way more and more with each record."


donderdag 7 oktober 2010

Kno - Death Is Silent (Full Album Stream)

<a href="http://cunninlynguists.bandcamp.com/album/death-is-silent">Death Is Silent by CunninLynguists</a>

"Kno // Death Is Silent // Digital Album //Support the artist directly by downloading this digital album from CunninLynguists.com // Buy Now - $9 USD or name your price"

C'mon we all know this is worth the 9$..!!

Buy/Stream full album

woensdag 6 oktober 2010

1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) – Still Waiting (Video)

"Still Waiting" off the Statik Selektah & Termanology are 1982 album available worldwide October 26th.

P.SO the Earth Tone King - More Jelly (2010)

01. Makin That Noise [prod. 6th Sense]
02. Some Fun (Redux) [prod. The Dopplegangaz]
03. Best in Show (Remix) (ft. 8thW1 & Señor Kaos) [prod. 2 Hungry Bros.]
04. Slick Money (Señor Kaos) (ft. P.SO) [prod. Large Professor]
05. Blow the Horns (ft. Homeboy Sandman & 2 Hungry Bros.) [prod. P.SO]
06. Superbad (Chris Faust) (ft. P.SO) [prod. Prefuse 73]
07. Second Wind
08. Pride & Joy [prod. DJ Nymble Paws]
09. Beyond the Infinite (ft. Fresh Daily) [prod. J57]
10. Women (Bjork Remix) (ft. Homeboy Sandman

"P.SO the Earth Tone King has hooked up with DJBooth.net, 8thW1 and the AOK Collective to bring fans his latest full-length, More Jelly.

The follow-up to this summer’s critically-acclaimed Suicide by Jellyfish, More Jelly finds the Brooklyn emcee returning to his Boom-Bap roots in 10 brand new cuts, including the reader-approved “More Fun (Redux).”

Joining P.SO throughout the project are Fresh Daily, Homeboy Sandman, 8thW1 and Señor Kaos. Beats come courtesy of 6th Sense, The Doppelgangaz Large Professor and P.SO himself, to name a few."


The Roots & John Legend - Wake Up! (2010)

1. Hard Times (feat. Black Thought)
2. Compared to What
3. Wake Up Everybody (feat Common & Melanie Fiona)
4. Our Generation (feat CL Smooth)
5. Little Ghetto Boy (prelude)
6. Little Ghetto Boy (feat. Black Thought)
7. Hang On In There
8. Humanity (Love The Way It Should Be)
9. Wholy Holy
10. I Can’t Write Left Handed
11. Definition Of An Artist (Interlude)
12. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
13. Shine

Wake Up Everybody ft
Common & Melanie Fiona

Lil Ghetto Boy


Skyzoo & Illmind - Live From The Tape Deck (2010)

1. Digital Analog
2. Frisbees
3. The Burn Notice feat. Heltah Skeltah (Sean Price x Rock)
4. Speakers On Blast
5. #Allabouthat
6. Barrel Brothers feat. Torae
7. The Winner’s Circle
8. Krylon
9. Kitchen Table
10. The Now Or Never feat. Styles P & Buckshot
11. Understanding Riley feat. Rhymefest
12. Langston’s Pen
13. Flow By Numbers feat. Termanology

Speakers On Blast


Barrel Brothers feat. Torae

"Live from the Tape Deck, a collaboration between rapper Skyzoo and producer Illmind, is not only a throwback to classical values, but also a metaphor for “doing the right thing,” as several interludes derived from Spike Lee’s 1989 film reminds us. So in spite of being “critically acclaimed and underrated at the same time,” Skyzoo eschews industry gimmicks in favor of dense lyricism, from setting the proverbial “Kitchen Table” to tossing “Frisbees.” Illmind’s beats are reminiscent of Black Milk’s excellent Tronic, adding hardcore electronic bangers that enhance this purist hip-hop experience."


zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

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