vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

The Weeknd - Thursday (Mixtape)

01 Lonely Star
02 Life Of The Party
03 Thursday
04 The Zone
05 The Birds Part 1
06 The Bird Part 2
07 Gone
08 Rolling Stone
09 Heaven Or Las Vegas

The Weekend finally releases his most anticipated second mixtape Thursday.. This right here just made my day!


vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Erick Arc Elliott - Almost Remembered (2011)

1. Pimptroduction feat. Kaya
2. Almost Remembered
3. Almost Forgotten feat. Kaya
4. H.N.C.
5. Keys feat. Kaya
6. Keep U (I Like) feat. Kaya
7. Love Ripple feat. Kaya
8. This Is Too Easy!
9. After Lovin U
10. Family Matters feat. Harlem Childrens Zone
11. Weed Fronter feat. Kaya
12. Bad Habit feat. Hellacopter City
13. Breaking
14. Sleep feat. Flatbush Zombies
15. Aint Nobody Supposed To (Love That)
16. Little Brother feat. Kevin
17. T feat. Glasser
18. A Life Without Love (Is Like A Year Without Summer)
19. Sorry (But I Gotta Go)
20. Uncle Bernard feat. East 31st Street

If you been following my blog from the start you know that one of my first posts was the first project of Erick Arc Elliot named "Noir". Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to his music, I have been following him around and enjoying his work. His music is refreshing and unlikely to most of the rappers he is not busy with making singles or being a just a "rapper" but more with being creative and being a true artist, and that is something I respect. A lot of people slept on his previous projects but I'm glad that I see his work pop up more and more often on the internet. You can stream and download the complete album on his bandcamp.

If you enjoy it also visit the website theloveinus, where Erick Arc Elliot is part of.

"THELOVEINUS is a collective of young individuals who pride themselves as artists, and refer to themselves in the 3rd person. We use art as our means of expression, and love is our inspiration. We aren't to be confused with any lame/loser/hippie/false revolutionaries, we just love to create.


Vector Lovers - Electrospective (2011)

01. Melodies And Memory 5:29
02. Shinjuku Girl 4:04
03. City Lights From A Train 5:19
04. Tokyo Glitterati 6:27
05. Stranger Smiled At Me 3:13
06. Nightwalking Your Memory 5:07
07. Floating Point 6:38
08. Neon Sky Rain 4:16
09. Girl Plus Robot 5:06
10. Kissed You By The Fountain 3:12
11. Rustling Cars And Wildflowers 4:05
12. Metrolux Forever 5:31
13. Lake Nocturne 4:04

"Born in 1969 in Reading, UK, Martin Wheeler started recording in his teens, influenced by the sounds of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Suicide. A ‘geek’ before the term was in common use, Wheeler became a computer games designer at 16 and went on to develop over 25 titles for ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, PC, Nintentdo SNES and Gameboy before returning to music with the release of his first single as Vector Lovers in 2003. The split 7” featuring the now classic ‘Tokyo Glitterati’ on the innovative Static Caravan label won support from leftfield DJs the world over, including John Peel and Mute Records founder Daniel Miller. The follow-up EP ‘Roboto Ashido Funk’ (self-released on his Iwari micro imprint) featured on the coverdiscs of DJ magazine and Jockey Slut, prompting offers from major and indie labels and culminating in Vector Lovers signing to seminal Glasgow techno label, Soma Records in 2004.

Since then, Wheeler has recorded three albums and played venues across Europe, including Fabric, Arena Berlin, The Loft, 100 Club, Indigo (Istanbul), The Sugar Factory, Le Triptyque, Club 69, Pressure @ The Arches, The Sub-Club, T in The Park, Connect Festival, Lattitude Festival, Bloc Weekend, Synch Festival, Panoptica, Festival Polmadi (Ljubliana) and Plektrum (Tallin).

Remixing and production work has seen collaborations with artists as diverse as Tracey Thorn, Ladytron, Husky Rescue, Lillian Hak, Alex Smoke, Diefenbach, Tim Wright, The Black Dog, Slam, Funk D’Void, Mark Henning, Transparent Sound, Justine Electra and My Robot Friend. From derelict neon soundscapes to future robot funk, Vector Lovers’ fusion of deep, quirky electro and precise melodic intuition has provided memorable soundtracks for television, film and advertising.

In March 2008 Vector Lovers designed the DR1 Dr Drone synthesizer, released to growing acclaim from electronic producers. Now working on a fourth album, Martin spends most of his time recording at home in Berlin where he lives with his wife and two children above a vintage radio shop."

Great CD if you are a fan of laid back electronic music!


woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Blu - My Sunshine Ft. Nia Andrews (Video)

The first official single from Blu's upcoming album "Noyork".

Dirty Androids - Everglades (2011)

1. Everglades
2. Diver
3. Everglades (DA Disco Version)

Everglades / Diver Preview by Dirty Androids

Digital Only
Buy on iTunes, Beatport, amazon

Saturn Never Sleeps - Yesterday's Machine (2011)

01. Lotus
02. Bit By Bit
03. Hearts on Fire
04. Tory
05. Tomorrow is a Rumor
06. Grace
07. The Machines are the Stars
08. Divine
09. Yesterday is Gone
10. DRK
11. All Seasons are Good
12. Take It Out

"Saturn Never Sleeps came about when music producer King Britt and singer/artist Rucyl collaborated in 2009 for two improvisational performances specifically dedicated to the music and sound of fellow Philadelphian Sun-Ra. Carrying on in the tradition of Sun Ra’s vision of process as art, they decided to continue their project, which led to a year of amazing opportunities, performing at Moogfest (USA), Stadtmusik Festival (Basel, Switzerland), Art Basel (Miami), Micro-cosmos (Tokyo) and residencies in Philadelphia/NYC.
“Like Massive Attack… with balls!” – Gal Ofer from Tel Aviv

The duo have been inspired by the works of classic electronic innovators like Herbie Hancock, Raymond Scott, Delia Derbyshire, the present day forward-thinking electronic scene as well as experimental composers, dub and rocksteady. These inspirations have transpired in a solid stage show combining laptop/electronics with heart melting vocals and improvised electronic instrumentation, heavy bass vibrations and sonic ambience.The live two person show consists of King Britt on samples, beats, and textures with Rucyl layering vocals and added electronics. Often both performers vary their live rigs with home-brew music applications and experimental noise makers. Their sound resonates with fans of artists like Massive Attack, Little Dragon, Sun Ra and Philip Glass. Recently opening for TV on the Radio and Sun Ra Arkestra, music collectors and young audiences alike are taking notice of their unique approach to songs.

Their debut album, Yesterday’s Machine, combines an experimental create-in-the-moment vibe with inspirational lyrics and vocal sonics that range from Sade tones to Flora Purim’s ethereal layers. The result is well-crafted, intelligent, genre-pushing, electronic soul rooted in the duo’s collective years of experience and musical expanse. To be released in July 2011 on their label, SNS."

Amazing piece of work!


dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

Aloe Blacc - Tonight Downtown (Video)

Kodomo - Frozen In Motion (2011)

01. Hajime
02. Decoder
03. Drift
04. S Equals Zero
05. Collide
06. Everything That Comes From The Sea
07. Gate 5A
08. September Sun
09. Three Cycles
10. Disappearing Light
11. Frozen In Motion
12. Symmetry Unwinding

"Frozen In Motion started as what could be described as an urban, sonic journal; a recording of the diverse sounds connecting daily experiences; the tones of a train passing over a bridge - the ambience in a subway platform and the sounds of people on their daily commutes - each track on the album is a recasting of these sounds; a reassembling of the sonic environment of a city in constant motion. 

The limited 500-piece specialty packaging of the Frozen in Motion CD will include a 12-page foldout panel featuring the artwork of noted New York artist Brian Graf. Graf is best known for his photography and his work has been shown throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Frozen In Motion is available June 21st, 2011 on iTunes, Amazon and directly from the website."


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