dinsdag 12 juli 2011

Chad Valley - Now That I'm Real (Video)

Now That I'm Real (How Does It Feel?) from chad valley on Vimeo.

John Maus - Head for the Country (Video)

Kids These Days - Hard Times EP (2011)

01. Hard Times
02. Darling
03. Summerscent
04. My Days
05. Be (A Night In Tunisia)
06.Walking Down The Line
07. Outro

"Kids These Days comes from Chicago but their music comes from everywhere. With three horns, a rapper, a blues-rock trio and a female singer, KTD blends a wide range of influences -- hip-hop, jazz, soul, blues, and classic rock -- into a unique, fresh sound that breaks boundaries while honoring America’s musical heritage.

In their first 24 months, they have built a solid following, with over 10,000 fans on Facebook, who turn out for their high-energy, groove-oriented shows at clubs like Reggie’s, Hideout, Subterranean, Lincoln Hall and The Metro.

While still in their teens, they beat out 150 Chicago bands of all-ages to win first place in the Congress Theater’s Next Big Thing battle of the bands in November of 2009.

In March 2011, KTD made their first trip as a band to the illustrious music festival, South by Southwest in Austin, TX. It is safe to say that they made a little splash in the musical ocean, surprising the audiences at venues such as Peckerheads and Pure Volume House. On July 1st, 2011, KTD performed at Milwaukee's Summerfest, where they opened for Third Eye Blind, spreading their musical message to a very receptive audience of over 5000.

KTD includes Liam Cunningham on guitar and lead vocals, Lane Beckstrom on bass, Greg Landfair on drums, Macie Stewart on keys, lead vocals, and background vocals,Vic Mensa on rap vocals, Nico Segal on trumpet, J.P. Floyd on trombone, and Rajiv Halim on saxophone.

They have shared the stage with noted hip-hop artists Rhymefest, the Cool Kids, Mic Terror, and Dom Kennedy. Their influences run from the Roots, Sly Stone, Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix to classic bebop and modern jazz artists such as Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Christian McBride, Miguel Zenon, Nicholas Payton, and Roy Hargrove. Trained musicians, they also perform regularly with side projects at the Jazz Showcase, Symphony Center, Ravinia, The Velvet Lounge and the Chicago Jazz Festival.

KTD's first project "Hard Times", which features five original songs, is currently available on iTunes for download (at the low price of $3.99); it was released on June 28th 2011.

Look out for their next project, a mixtape, "Trap House Rock", which will feature songs that are mixed together with a KTD twist, paying tribute to their many, many influences!"


The Foreign Exchange – Dear Friends An Evening With The Foreign Exchange (2011)

01. Introduciont/Fight For Love
02. All Roads
03. Take Off The Blues
04. Lose Your Way/Band Introducions
05. House Of Cards
06. Greatest Weapon Of All Time
07. Something In The Way She Moves
08. Laughing At Your Plans
09. Daykeeper
10. I Wanna Know
11. Steal Away feat. Jeanne Jolly
12. All The Kisses feat. Amber & Paris Strother of KING

"This past February at SoundPure Studios in Durham, NC, The Foreign Exchange gave a private acoustic show for 40 randomly-selected friends and supporters. The evening, captured on both audio and video, is the basis of their latest release, "Dear Friends: An Evening With The Foreign Exchange."

Serving as a companion piece to their latest release "Authenticity" and as a glimpse into their acclaimed live show, "Dear Friends" is a double-disc CD/DVD digipak that features the full acoustic concert performed by the band's current touring lineup of Zo!, Sy Smith, and singer/songwriter Jeanne Jolly. In addition to the live concert recordings, the release also features two new studio tracks; "Steal Away" featuring Jeanne Jolly and "All The Kisses" featuring Amber & Paris Strother of rising indie soul trio KING.

"Dear Friends" drops 6/28 on +FE Music and will be available on iTunes as a specially-priced video bundle. "

Above you can stream the complete live session, much respect goes out to Nicolay and Phonte.. seriously, hands down!


Washed Out - Within And Without (2011)

01 Eyes Be Closed
02 Echoes
03 Amor Fati
04 Soft
05 Far Away
06 Before
07 You and I
08 Within and Without
09 A Dedication


Grieves - Together/Apart (2011)

01. Light Speed
02. Bloody Poetry
03. Falling From You
04. On The Rocks
05. Sunny Side of Hell
06. Tragic [feat. Brother Ali]
07. Boogie Man
08. Pressure Cracks
09. No Matter What
10. Vice Grip
11. Heartbreak Hotel
12. Speak Easy
13. Prize Fighter
14. Wild Thing
15. Growing Pains
16. Against The Bottom


zondag 10 juli 2011

Kendrick Lamar - Section80 (2011)

1.F**k Your Ethnicity [prod. THC]
2.Hol’ Up [prod. Sounwave]
3.A.D.H.D. [prod. Sounwave]
4.No Makeup (Her Vice) (ft. Colin Munroe) [prod. Sounwave]
5.Tammy’s Song (Her Evils) [prod. THC]
6.Chapter Six [prod. Tommy Black]
7.Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils) [prod. Tae Beast]
8.Poe Man’s Dream (His Vice) (ft. GLC) [prod. Willie B]
9.The Spiteful Chant (ft. Schoolboy Q) [prod. Sounwave & Dave Free]
10.Chapter Ten [prod. THC]
11.Keisha’s Song (Her Pain) (ft. Astro Bot) [prod. Tae Beast]
12.Rigamortis [prod. Willie B]
13.Kush & Corinithians (His Pain) (ft. BJ The Chicago Kid) [prd. Wyldfire]
14.Members Only [prod. Tommy Black]
15.Ab-Soul’s Outro [prod. Terrace Martin]
16.HiiiPoWeR [prod. J.Cole]

Definitely one of the best releases of 2011.. This guy has grown so much since the release of the Kendrick Lamar EP, not only lyrically but also as an artist and this tape proofs it all. There are just a handful emcees who are not only great rappers but also great musicians and in my opinion Kendrick Lamar is one of them. Click on buy and support real artists!

Buy/Stream ($7.99)

Ethereal- A B S T R A C T I C A (2011)

1. Yes Please
3. Lysergik Music f. Pyramid Vritra
4. Recovery f Opio and Micah Freeman
5. Elquent f. Jess Paper
6. Sparrow f Mike The Hut
7. Yesterday f Lazy Mane & Kosherbeets
8. The Supernatural Man
9. Make The Bitches Scream When They See Me
10. See Her Exit With A G f. KeithCharles
11. Stop Sleepin' f. Will
12. Funeral Procession
13. Funeral Party
14. In My Honer
15. If Yo Bitch Ain't Fucked Me Now, Wait Until Tonite, Dawg
16. Moonglow f. Kasey G and KeithCharles
17. All In The Bed
18. Across The Sea Interlude
19. Ultralord f. KeithCharles
20. Tetsuo
21. Up f. Hal Williams
22. Ragga Babylon

" This is it. The mother of all pearls. I put my heart, emotions, soul, blood, dick and tears into this album. It is about the dissonance of life, the hardships i have overcome and still have to face, the female gender, drugs, and my struggle with all of these things. My struggle to let the world know who I am and why I will go down in history as one of the GREATEST musicians ever. My struggle to make sure fools know that none of this came easy to me. I appreciate everyone rocking with me up until now. Don't stop. So without further adieu, I present: ▲ B S T R ▲ C T I C ▲."

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