vrijdag 21 januari 2011

J. NiCS – Road To Riches (Video)

From J.nics upcoming EP Champion Rizla.

Talib Kweli – Gutter Rainbows (2011)

1. After The Rain (produced by 88-Keys)
2. Gutter Rainbows (produced by M-Phazes)
3. So Low (produced by Shuko)
4. Cold Rain (produced by Ski Beatz)
5. Mr. International feat. Nigel Hall (produced by S1)
6. I’m On One (produced by KHRYSIS!)
7. Wait For You feat. Kendra Ross (produced by S1)
8. Ain’t Waiting feat. Outasight (produced by 6th sense)
9. Palookas feat. Sean Price (produced by Marco Polo)
10. Friends & Family (produced by E. Jones)
11. Tater Tot (produced by Nick Speed)
12. How You Love Me feat. Blaq Toven (produced by Blaq Toven)
13. Uh Oh feat. Jean Grae (produced by Oh No)
14. Self Savior feat. Chace Infinite (produced by Maurice Brown)

Cold Rain


dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Lights Out Asia - In The Days Of Jupiter (2010)

1. All These Worlds Are Yours
2. Except Europa
3. Attempt No Landing There
4. All Is Quiet In The Valley
5. 13 AM
6. Arbres Paisible
7. Great Men From Unhealthy Ground
8. Currents Meet The Tide
9. Then I Hope You Like The Desert
10. Shifting Sands Wreck Ships
11. Bye Bye November

Currents Meet The Tide

All Is Quiet In The Valley

Attempt No Landing There

“In the Days Of Jupiter” is the 4th album from tri-state post-rock trio Lights Out Asia. Just as Jupiter eclipses the other planets in our solar systems, Lights Out Asia have eclipsed expectations by delivering their most expansive album to date. Not only in relative scope and emotional depth but also in proper use of something they have used sparingly on previous albums - open space. Their previous use of guitars in a more deliberate melodic role is somewhat subdued on “In The Days Of Jupiter”. The guitars here are utilized more just to drive a point home with the strings, field recordings and electronics being more of a prominent, and key, ingredient. Hidden below these expanses is a new sense of urgency within the band's songwriting which may shed a bit more light into their collective personal persona. Is it unrest? Anxiety? Loss? Are they at some personal crossroads? Or have they cultivated their collective emotions into one of their finest works to date."


Seven Day – Concepts 2 (2011)

1.CNCPTS 00:40
2.Nod2it ft. Pistol Mcfly 03:19
3.Don’t Stop 01:51
4.Flight Music ft. M.A.R.S 03:39
5.Doobies ft. Makeshift & Lo Jack 03:59
6.OurLife ft. The Alumni 04:08
7.N.L.U ft. Foci 03:00
8.1234 ft. Versis, VerBS & Makeshift 02:43
9.My City ft. Ezus 02:31
10.Untitled ft. PCH 03:06
11.QuiteLikeThis ft. Montage One 04:37
12.OUTRO 00:32

"L.A. duo Seven Day drop follow up to Concepts. CNCPTSII is a collection of tracks done in the last 9 months. This installment has a feature on almost every joint with California emcee's you should be familiar with if you aren't already. 12 songs free of charge with your email address or download it free by searching google. You have the option to donate a couple bucks(strongly suggested)! Either way, spread the word if you're digging the sounds. Debut LP "Dusk 'Til Dawn" coming soon."


CON - Don't Concentrate On The Finger (2009)

1.Intro (MF DOOM)
2.Don't Concentrate On The Finger (J.DILLA)
3.Ohara (MADLIB)
4.Mr.Williams (9TH WONDER)
5.Conlib (MADLIB)
6.Mr.Roper (YOURS TRULY)
7.F Dat Bullsh*t (9TH WONDER)
8.Emotional Content (9TH WONDER)
9.Reality (9TH WONDER)

F Dat Bullsh*t

Emotional Content

UK native rapper Confucius released this Bruce Lee inspired mixtape in 09, with instrumental beats by J.Dilla, Madlib & 9th Wonder.. Overall a real nice mixtape!


zondag 16 januari 2011

Beach House - Teen Dream (2010)

01. Zebra
02. Silver Soul
03. Norway
04. Walk In The Park
05. Used To Be
06. Lover Of Mine
07. Better Times
08. 10 Mile Stereo
09. Real Love
10. Take Care

Lover Of Mine

"Despite its summery name, Beach House creates music that is dark, dreamy, and alluringly hypnotic. Baltimore residents Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand (the niece of French composer Michel Legrand) formed the duo in 2005, with Legrand's hushed, Nico-like vocals and Scally's delicate instrumentation paving the way for their first batch of songs. Within a year, Beach House had charmed indie music enthusiasts across the blogosphere with its languid songcraft, and the eerie warmth of "Apple Orchard" landed on Pitchfork's Infinite Mixtape MP3 series in August 2006. Two months later, Beach House issued its eponymous debut album for Carpark. The band remained with the Carpark label for one additional album, 2008's Devotion, before graduating to Sub Pop and releasing Teen Dream in early 2010." mog.com


Schoolboy Q - Setbacks (2011)

01 Figg Get The Money
02 Kamikaze
03 Light Years Ahead (Sky High) f. Kendrick Lamar
04 Whats The Word f. Jay Rock & Ab-Soul
05 BetIGotSumWeed
06 Druggys With Hoes f. Ab-Soul
07 Cycle
08 To The Beat (F’Ed Up)
09 Crazy
10 Phenomenon f. Alori Joh
11 Situations
12 Fantacy f. Jhene Aiko
13 I’m Good f. Punch & BJ The Chicago Kid
14 Birds And The Beez f. Kendrick Lamar
15 Rolling Stone (Black Hippy Bonus Track)

Fantacy f. Jhene Aiko

Light Years Ahead (Sky High) f. Kendrick Lamar

Get familiar with it!


vrijdag 14 januari 2011

Arms and Sleepers - Matador (2009)

01. Orly (01:06)
02. Matador (05:06)
03. The Architekt (04:44)
04. Twentynine Palms (05:35)
05. Helvetica (07:10)
06. The International (02:35)
07. Simone (03:12)
08. Kino (05:11)
09. Words are for Sleeping (Matador Return) (01:18)
10. The Paramour (04:37)

Twentynine Palms

Enjoy the Silence
: Forget what you've already known about any genres. Forget about your self defined frontiers of mind and let yourself fall down. What comes here is deeply out of what your mind could allow you.

Straight to the point I could say Arms and Sleepers combine about three to four different genres of music that move floently into each other; Trip-Hop, Post-Rock, Ambient Pop/Rock and Dark Lounge/Jazz. Sounds like a weird mix of anything that's possible in atmospheric music, but it's recorded so tenderly that you could really get into floating. Just imagine a meeting between Massive Attack and Sigur Rós, where MA creates the beats and Sigur Rós the fragile pianos and tender soundscapes without being too pretentious.

Matador is different to the album before, Black Paris 86. Arms and Sleepers are now working with more vocals (also with the singer of Uzi & Ari, as guest vocalist) and are definitely deeper and also darker. Epic vocal-lines subwoof the aesthetic ambition of the album, simple piano lines create the atmosphere just to be covered by a trip-hop-like beat that is showing us desparation and in the same way a chillout feeling. Extremely chilling appears the titles song Matador, as well as the three songs The Architekt, Twentynine Palms and Helvetica, which are in the middle field of the album (track 2-5).

All in all, there's just one word for this album: brilliant. The atmosphere is hard to describe but let me try it this way: chilling, melancholic, honest, sensitive, sympathic, vulnerable, divine. For me, it sounds like someone's walking through the corridor of a hospital and he's hearing the sound of heartbeats. He's walking into the street and into the dark world of a backyard. Then, he wakes up and he's looking back to the fascinating production of his fantasy, the dream - Arms and Sleepers." glassforest.blogspot.com

I copy pasted this review above from glassforest.blogspot.com.. it perfectly describes what the music of Arms and Sleepers is about and what my thoughts are on this album.


Sha Stimuli – Unsung Vol. 1 The Garden of Eden (2010)

01. The Stir
02. Saviour
03. Believe Me Feat. Rapper Pooh
04. Who I Am
05. Game Over
06. Sound Off
07. Am I Different Feat. Reks
08. The Milf Song AKA Mutherfucker
09. The Mirror
10. Effortless Feat. Prince EA
11. Insanity
12. Televised Revolution aka Breathe Feat. Mickey Factz
13. Can’t Stop
14. The Garden
15. Runaway Slavestyle
16. Unsung Epilogues
17. Punish The Beat Feat. Fred the Godson and Charlie Clips
18. Hood Remix Feat. Sheek Louch and Joe Budden

Hood Remix Feat. Sheek Louch and Joe Budden

Am I Different Feat. Reks


Mod Sun - Health, Wealth, Success & Happiness (2010)

01 – Art
02 – Tye Dye The Night (prod by JCW)
03 – Highly Motivated (prod by JCW)
04 – Pass It My Way ft. Pat Brown
05 – Become My Life ft. Jonny Craig (prod by JCW & Zach Garren)
06 – Bars Of The Sun (prod by MOD SUN)
07 – Australia New Zealand (prod by MOD SUN)
08 – Got To Be There ft. Meta (prod by JCW)
09 – Where Were You (prod by MOD SUN)
10 – I Do It ft. Big Has (prod by JCW)
11 – Time To Celebrate (prod by Dave Siegel)

Become My Life ft. Jonny Craig

I Do It ft. Big Has


vrijdag 7 januari 2011

QuESt – The Reason: A Defense Mechanism (2010)

1: NeoPopSicle Says "This Became The Reason"
2: In My Defense
3: Take Off ft Wes Restless
4: State Of Emergency ft NeoPopSicle
5: Today ft Treazon
6: NeoPopSicle says "I Remember" (interlude)
7: Do It All For You
8: If You Wanne
9: The Feel Right
10: Were Going Down
11: Greatness (interlude)
12: Ambitions In The Sky
13: In Due Time
14: Dream Of Dreams ft NeoPopSicle
15: Fear Not Failure ft Steven A.Clark & NeoPopSicle
16: Happiness (How Did You Get Me?)

Fear Not Failure ft Steven A.Clark & NeoPopSicle

Do It All For You

“I want to thank everyone who contributed to this project. It’s been a long time coming, and a lot of sacrifice, but its done. I hope this project gives all of my fans a serious look into my life, and hopefully brings new listeners abroad as well. It means the world to me that I am able to make music and have people be receptive towards it. This projects means so much to me not just as an artist, but as a person. I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed crafting it. I worked hard on this one. The truth shines….now.” – QuESt

Personally I have been waiting on this one for a long time now...Download & Enjoy


woensdag 5 januari 2011

MeLo-X - More Merch EP (2010)

01. ExtraSolarLove (ft. Chris Turner)
02. Merchandise (Milk & Honey)

03. Heartbeat (Quadron Remix)

04. Where’d U Go (ft. Jade of Blind Benny)

05. Statue of Liberty (ft. Telli of Ninjasonik)

06. Gone Baby 07. Cooked Food
08. 8BitLuvin

09. Mirrors in My Mind

10. Broken Wings (ft. Jesse Boykins III)

11. Orgasmic Audio

12. BK Allnighter
13. More Merch

14. A Million Girls
15. She is Forever – (ft. Jesse Boykins III & Theophilus London)

16. (BONUS) Rapity Rap (Remix) (ft. Kendrick Lamar & Mickey Factz)

Where’d U Go (ft. Jade of Blind Benny)

" Up-and-coming artist/producer MeLo-X has hooked up with DJBooth.net to bring fans his latest EP, More Merch.

Written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by MeLo-X at The Bermuda Triangle Studio, the project features 16 brand new joints (including one bonus cut) from the Flatbush, Brooklyn native, including his reader-approved Booth debut, “She Is Forever.”

Joining MeLo-X on the guest tip are such Booth-approved artists as Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III, Kendrick Lamar and Mickey Factz. Assisting MeLo-X behind the boards are Executive Producer Claude “Visionary” Dary, beatsmith Soundwavve and bassist Andre Cleghorn." Dj Booth


Carlitta Durand – Nostalgic Nights (2010)

01. Nostalgic Nights
02. Carl
03. Sweet July
04. Forrest Gump
05. Peace
06. Occupied
07. 23rd Floor
08. Lucky Star

Nostalgic Nights

Lucky Star

Some of you might recognize Carlitta Durand for her featurings with Nicolay, 9th Wonder, Little Brother & Zo!.. If you never heard of her make sure you download her latest free tape..


Schoolboy Q - Whats The Word ft Jay Rock & Ab Soul (Video)

Schoolboy Q's "Setback" drops 1-11-11.. be on the look out cuz TDE is on fire lately!

magOwl - Page One (2010)

01. Voodoo Express
02. Stars In Their Eyes
03. Pineapples
04. Odd School
05. Fairground
06. Main Ingredient #2
07. Title 8
08. Unplugged
09. Hide
10. Space
11. Soul Sesame
12. Sept Chansons De La Terreur Sous Un Ciel Bleu
13. Pause
14. Wish
15. Nocturnal Freeman
16. Manhunt
17. Epilogue

"This is a selection of beats from the last year, year and a half, or so. Some are entries from the LouisDen beatbattles (www.louisden.com), so if you're keeping tabs you might have heard a few. But on the other hand there are others on here that should be new to any and all.

The lot was produced by me, magOwl, using Renoise (
www.renoise.com) aided by the old Ensoinq EPS 16+, the Boss SP-303 and a healthy amount of vinyl."

Just give a listen to the song Space here above..you're going to love it if you're a fan of instrumental beats..


Grey Boy - 15 Years of West Coast Cool (2008)

1. Unwind Your Mind
2. Ruffneck Jazz
3. Grey's Groove
4. Panacea
5. Whirlwind
6. Mastered The Art
7. Hold Your Weight
8. Got To Be A Love
9. Genevieve
10. To Know You is To Love You
11. Love
12. Color In Between The Lines
13. Missin' Something
14. Help Is On The Way


Missin' Something


"San Diego producer and DJ Andreas Stevens, or Greyboy, was initially taken by hip-hop but — because he couldn't find any decent MCs to hook up with — shifted his attention to acid jazz. He was, in fact, the very first American producer to do so. And it was an inspired move. In 1994 Stevens served up his debut solo album, Freestylin', with the help of talented sax player Karl Denson. The offering became a cult hit, especially in acid jazz-hungry Europe. Released on the label Ubiquity, it cost $4,000 to make and nothing to market, yet it remains the label's most successful offering. That same year Stevens did his credentials no harm with the underground favorite track "Unwind Your Mind" (another collaboration with Denson), which appeared on Ubiquity's Home Cookin' compilation. His next album, Land of the Lost, came out in 1996, at a time when the popularity of acid jazz was beginning to wane. From 1993 to 1997 Stevens was, along with Denson, also a key figure in the acid jazz band Greyboy Allstars, who put out three albums on their own Greyboy Records label. Stevens then drifted back to his hip-hop roots, pairing up with skateboarding champ Rob Dyrdek to launch the record label P-Jays. Not surprisingly, the label's offerings — including compilations and 12" releases — were most popular among skateboarders. Stevens made a return as Greyboy in 2001, with the critically acclaimed album Mastered the Art. A fusion of hip-hop, jazz, rare-groove, and even world music, it also boasted the talents of live musicians Dave Pike and Elgin Park and rapper MC MainFlo."


Yoshi - The Talent Show (2010)

01.The Talent Show Introduction
02.Get Down ft. Vincent Kelley
03.Magnetic ft. Darien Brockington & Buff1
04.The Orgasm Poem (skit)
05.The Black Plague
06.Run Away
07.Dance Tonight ft. Marvin Hawkins
08.Big Buford’s Stand-up (skit)
09.Natural High ft. Typoe & Dyrel Johnson
10.Listen Up
11.Slap You With a Donut (skit)
12.No Stress ft. Vincent Kelley
14.Pimpalicious (skit)
15.Slow DownGold Digger ft. Akira Shelton
16.Meet The Deadline ft. Rafael Casal
17.And The Winner Is…(skit)
18.The Reason ft. Mina

Great tape with a really refreshing sound.. Make sure you hit the download..


Nipsey Hussle - The Marathon (2010)

01. The Love?
02. Keys 2 The City
03. Mr. Untouchable feat. Kokane
04. Blue Laces feat 1500
05. A Million
06. Top Down
07. Young Rich and Famous
08. U Dont Got A Clue
09. 7 Days A Week
10. Late Nights and Early Mornings
11. I Be Killen Um
12. Call From The Bank feat MGMT
13. Grindmode
14. Dreamin
15. The Crown
16. Mac 11 On The Dresser
17. One Take 3
18. I Dont Give A Fuck


Late Nights and Early Mornings

7 Days A Week


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