dinsdag 18 januari 2011

Seven Day – Concepts 2 (2011)

1.CNCPTS 00:40
2.Nod2it ft. Pistol Mcfly 03:19
3.Don’t Stop 01:51
4.Flight Music ft. M.A.R.S 03:39
5.Doobies ft. Makeshift & Lo Jack 03:59
6.OurLife ft. The Alumni 04:08
7.N.L.U ft. Foci 03:00
8.1234 ft. Versis, VerBS & Makeshift 02:43
9.My City ft. Ezus 02:31
10.Untitled ft. PCH 03:06
11.QuiteLikeThis ft. Montage One 04:37
12.OUTRO 00:32

"L.A. duo Seven Day drop follow up to Concepts. CNCPTSII is a collection of tracks done in the last 9 months. This installment has a feature on almost every joint with California emcee's you should be familiar with if you aren't already. 12 songs free of charge with your email address or download it free by searching google. You have the option to donate a couple bucks(strongly suggested)! Either way, spread the word if you're digging the sounds. Debut LP "Dusk 'Til Dawn" coming soon."


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