dinsdag 18 januari 2011

CON - Don't Concentrate On The Finger (2009)

1.Intro (MF DOOM)
2.Don't Concentrate On The Finger (J.DILLA)
3.Ohara (MADLIB)
4.Mr.Williams (9TH WONDER)
5.Conlib (MADLIB)
6.Mr.Roper (YOURS TRULY)
7.F Dat Bullsh*t (9TH WONDER)
8.Emotional Content (9TH WONDER)
9.Reality (9TH WONDER)

F Dat Bullsh*t

Emotional Content

UK native rapper Confucius released this Bruce Lee inspired mixtape in 09, with instrumental beats by J.Dilla, Madlib & 9th Wonder.. Overall a real nice mixtape!


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