vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Dirty Gold - Roar EP (2011)

01 - North
02 - California Sunrise
03 - Sea Hare
04 - The Quiet Life
05 - Overboard

Beach-Wave band outta the big San Diego.. Got to love it!


dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Kris Mars – The Traveler (EP)

01 Lose Your Mind
02 The Painter
03 Sky is Red
04 Night Life
05 Meant To Be


SBTRKT - Selft-Titled Album (2001)

After creating a buzz and releasing a couple EP's, electronic music producer SBTRKT is about to release his first full length album next week (27-11-06). You can stream the whole album above! This is something I'm definitely going to enjoy, his Step in shadow EP still gets the amount of rotation it deserves...


Zumo Kollie - Last Showing (2011)

01.Last Showing
02.Times Of Our Lives
03.It Was On My Mind
04.GodLike (Feat. Mason)
05.An Aside: The DreamChasers Prelude
07.Something About Us
09.Zero Hour
10.Dreams End
11.You Should Be Here (Bonus)
12.Let Me Chill (Bonus)
13.Last Showing Outro

ZUMO KOLLIE 'It was on My Mind'//ApK from ApKmedia on Vimeo.

"There are few moments when we realize that we are witnessing history; Zumo Kollie is keen to those moments . . . and he’s taking advantage. The young upstart, hailing from Providence, RI, has arrived in our music consciousness, and with an author-like writing skill and a timeless, effortless flow, he plans to make his home there for years to come. “My whole focus is to give the music that people associate with a time, but never seems to be held down to that period. Like, how everyone know the words to ‘Juicy’, all these years later. That’s my drive and that’s what moves me.” His tastes and passions make up a patchwork of influences as intriguing and unique as they come. From Phil Collins and David Byrne, Marvin Gaye and Anita Baker, Andre 3000 and Jay-Z, Zumo Kollie has learned from the greats and infused his own life and style into a sound that captivates and electrifies the world of Hip Hop. “I’m excited for what’s on the horizon,” says Zumo. “The scene is set, the backdrop is perfect, the pieces are in place; I feel like it’s my time to make my mark.” And with the talent and flair for the legendary, in time, Zumo’s mark will be undeniable."


Bon Accord - True Delusion EP (2011)

1 - Glaze
2 - Take Comfort
3 - True Delusion
4 - Late

If you are a fan of dream pop/chill wave/headphone music like Teen Daze than you definitely going to like this one. Micheal Write aka Bon Accord is a London based producer that has released 3 EP's so far and if I was you I would download them all!


zondag 19 juni 2011

Novel - Grant Me Serenity (2011)

01. Serenity f. Muzi
02. Body Down
03. Get You High
04. Celebrate f. Muzi
05. Muzi & Shoden!1 – DearHeartBeat f. Novel
06. Vanilla Sky
07. Eraser 2012
08. Momma Said
09. I’m Not Drunk
10. Blue Girl

While I'm still patiently waiting for Calligraphy to drop, Novel decided to release a free album for the fans. Nothing but love!


vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Frank Ocean - Novacane (Video)

It seems that Frank Ocean decided to shoot a video for one of the most played songs on my Ipod..If you're still not familiar with his music, hit the search ASAP!

Rimar - Higher Ground (2011)

1. Higher Ground (03:10)
2. Park Talk (01:28)
3. Driv Me Crzy (02:40)
4. Flower Dress (03:24)
5. Don’t Say (02:47)
6. WAYS (02:30)
7. Beginners (02:12)
8. We Play Games (03:22)


woensdag 15 juni 2011

The Weeknd - The Birds (Part 1)

I don't think The Weeknd needs no further introduction, by now they have collected more fans than your favorite rapper did in his whole lifetime..and I mean it is only right because these guys are just amazing. Production is always crazy and Abel Tesfaye's songwriting skills take it to another level. This songs is of their upcoming project called "Thursday", stay tuned for more...


woensdag 8 juni 2011

Late Bloomers - Never Don't Grow (Video)

Glass Gifts - Native Language (2011)

1. Dive Off The Sun 04:17
2. Tabletension 03:12
3. Hush 03:59
4. Autonomy And Orange Juice 04:27
5. Bronx Roses 03:57
6. Drea Dont Care 04:18
7. Spiders 03:16
8. Let It Pass 03:47
9. Chucktown 04:25
10. Forward Afterthought 04:13
11. New York Blues 04:24
12. Of Destiny 03:39

"Glass Gifts employs a combination of funky electronic dance groove samples, old school raps, driving beats, and massive synths spliced and glitched with the help of a Monome and performed/recorded live."


Suff Daddy - The Gin Diaries (2010)

01. 4 My Holiks
02. 5 O'Clock Suff (Feat. Miles Bonny)
03. I Need A Break
04. Oh Bebe (Feat. Fleur Earth)
05. Housey
06. Jimmy Jazz (Feat. Jim Dunloop)
07. Worst Case Scenario
08. Deep Shit (Feat. Mar)
09. Vienna
10. Hospital
11. Konnopke
12. Feelin Fly (Feat. Mariama)
13. Ozdemir

"Welcome to the house of Suff Daddy. Drunken boom-bap madness with a 2010 state of mind. Dope beats, sick samples and twisted Mini-Korg licks, fueled with weed and Pilsetten. This is not your average Prenzelberg producer. Suff Deezy is on his own shit.
"Suff" means "drinking heavy" in German and his favourite drinks are Pilsetten and Tanqueray. Suff Daddy grew up in Düsseldorf (the city of Kraftwerk), listening to the 90ies hip-hop-collection of his older brother. His favourite group back than were Tha Alkaholics. He caught the beatbug after he moved to Berlin a couple of years ago, inspired by Quasimoto and Jaylib. Suff Daddy started working with MySpace postergirl Kissey Asplund in 2005 and has since then laced beats for Miles Bonny, Oddisse, Fleur Earth, Retrogott, Morlock Dilemma, Flomega and many more. However, the beat daddy is really at home with his solo joints. In 2009 Suff Daddy accounted for “Suff Draft”, the second instalment of the Hi-Hat Club series. „The Gin Diaries“, Suff Daddy's debut LP for which he worked with Miles Bonny, Jim Dunloop, Fleur Earth, Mar and Mariama, saw the light of day in early 2010. Most currently the Beat Daddy cares for his CGN-connection by working on an album with Fleur Earth. "


dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Skyzoo - The Great Debater (Mixtape)

1. Complicated Rhythm
2. Rap Like Me
3. Written In The Drums
4. Designer Drugs
5. Parade Me
6. We Here
7. Atypical
8. Expensive Habits f. Jesse Boykins III
9. Until It All Goes f. Manhattan
10. Test Drive
11. Inheritance
12. Get Him To The Greek
13. Could’ve Struck The Lotto
14. For The Awake f. King Mez
15. For The Sleepers
16. The Definitive Prayer

Great releases this month with a few more to come, here the latest mixtape of Skyzoo.


Random Axe – Random Axe (2011)

1. Zoo Drugs
2. Random Call
3. Black Ops (featuring Fat Ray)
4. Chewbacca (featuring Roc Marciano)
5. The Hex
6. Understand This
7. Everybody, Nobody, Somebody
8. Jahphy Joe (featuring Melanie Rutherford & Danny Brown)
9. The Karate Kid (Ruck Solo)
10. Never Back Down (Guilty Simpson Solo)
11. Monster Babies
12. Shirley C (featuring Fatt Father)
13. Another One (featuring Rock & Trick-Trick)
14. 4 In The Box (Guilty Simpson Solo)
15. Outro Smoutro


maandag 6 juni 2011

Slik d - High Vibes (2011)

1. Limbo
2. On The Pharcyde
3. Happy B Marley
4. Don't Know What To Do Right Now
5. All I Need
6. Clouds ft Trade Voorhees


Sha Stimuli – The Break Up Part 2: The Proposal (Mixtape)

01. Alone (ft. LelaBizz) [prod. Mannequin]
02. HELP (How Can I?) (ft. N.I.K) [prod. Clams Casino]
03. So High (ft. Apryl Williams) [prod. J. Cardim]
04. All About Us (ft. N.I.K) [prod. Nubbz]
05. Superstar [prod. Radio Maschine]
06. Feel Good (ft. Nephu) [prod. The Letter C Productions]
07. Look At Us [prod. Charli Brown]
08. The Happening [prod. Arsenix]
09. Hard [prod. Louis Price]
10. No Clothes On [prod. Black Metaphor]
11. DWI [prod. Charli Brown]
12. Something Bout You [prod. Clams Casino]
13. Slowing Down? [prod. Charli Brown]
14. How Does It Feel? (Untitled) [ft. D’Angelo]
15. Forever (ft. N.I.K) [prod. Dre Knight]
16. Wake Up & Go*

zaterdag 4 juni 2011

TiRon & Ayomari – T & A : The Prelude To ASFP (2011)

01.What You Waiting On?
02.The Do

03.My Wingman & Me

04.My So-Called Twenties
05.3 Drink Minimum
06.Ms. Right

08.Get Ova Dat Pt. 2

09.No Wonder


11.Quitter feat. Tunji

12.Just A Dreamer feat. Tunji

13.Soon As

14.Good Food

15.The Luncheon


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