dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Zumo Kollie - Last Showing (2011)

01.Last Showing
02.Times Of Our Lives
03.It Was On My Mind
04.GodLike (Feat. Mason)
05.An Aside: The DreamChasers Prelude
07.Something About Us
09.Zero Hour
10.Dreams End
11.You Should Be Here (Bonus)
12.Let Me Chill (Bonus)
13.Last Showing Outro

ZUMO KOLLIE 'It was on My Mind'//ApK from ApKmedia on Vimeo.

"There are few moments when we realize that we are witnessing history; Zumo Kollie is keen to those moments . . . and he’s taking advantage. The young upstart, hailing from Providence, RI, has arrived in our music consciousness, and with an author-like writing skill and a timeless, effortless flow, he plans to make his home there for years to come. “My whole focus is to give the music that people associate with a time, but never seems to be held down to that period. Like, how everyone know the words to ‘Juicy’, all these years later. That’s my drive and that’s what moves me.” His tastes and passions make up a patchwork of influences as intriguing and unique as they come. From Phil Collins and David Byrne, Marvin Gaye and Anita Baker, Andre 3000 and Jay-Z, Zumo Kollie has learned from the greats and infused his own life and style into a sound that captivates and electrifies the world of Hip Hop. “I’m excited for what’s on the horizon,” says Zumo. “The scene is set, the backdrop is perfect, the pieces are in place; I feel like it’s my time to make my mark.” And with the talent and flair for the legendary, in time, Zumo’s mark will be undeniable."


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