woensdag 5 januari 2011

magOwl - Page One (2010)

01. Voodoo Express
02. Stars In Their Eyes
03. Pineapples
04. Odd School
05. Fairground
06. Main Ingredient #2
07. Title 8
08. Unplugged
09. Hide
10. Space
11. Soul Sesame
12. Sept Chansons De La Terreur Sous Un Ciel Bleu
13. Pause
14. Wish
15. Nocturnal Freeman
16. Manhunt
17. Epilogue

"This is a selection of beats from the last year, year and a half, or so. Some are entries from the LouisDen beatbattles (www.louisden.com), so if you're keeping tabs you might have heard a few. But on the other hand there are others on here that should be new to any and all.

The lot was produced by me, magOwl, using Renoise (
www.renoise.com) aided by the old Ensoinq EPS 16+, the Boss SP-303 and a healthy amount of vinyl."

Just give a listen to the song Space here above..you're going to love it if you're a fan of instrumental beats..


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