zondag 10 juli 2011

Ethereal- A B S T R A C T I C A (2011)

1. Yes Please
3. Lysergik Music f. Pyramid Vritra
4. Recovery f Opio and Micah Freeman
5. Elquent f. Jess Paper
6. Sparrow f Mike The Hut
7. Yesterday f Lazy Mane & Kosherbeets
8. The Supernatural Man
9. Make The Bitches Scream When They See Me
10. See Her Exit With A G f. KeithCharles
11. Stop Sleepin' f. Will
12. Funeral Procession
13. Funeral Party
14. In My Honer
15. If Yo Bitch Ain't Fucked Me Now, Wait Until Tonite, Dawg
16. Moonglow f. Kasey G and KeithCharles
17. All In The Bed
18. Across The Sea Interlude
19. Ultralord f. KeithCharles
20. Tetsuo
21. Up f. Hal Williams
22. Ragga Babylon

" This is it. The mother of all pearls. I put my heart, emotions, soul, blood, dick and tears into this album. It is about the dissonance of life, the hardships i have overcome and still have to face, the female gender, drugs, and my struggle with all of these things. My struggle to let the world know who I am and why I will go down in history as one of the GREATEST musicians ever. My struggle to make sure fools know that none of this came easy to me. I appreciate everyone rocking with me up until now. Don't stop. So without further adieu, I present: ▲ B S T R ▲ C T I C ▲."


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