vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

Erick Arc Elliott - Almost Remembered (2011)

1. Pimptroduction feat. Kaya
2. Almost Remembered
3. Almost Forgotten feat. Kaya
4. H.N.C.
5. Keys feat. Kaya
6. Keep U (I Like) feat. Kaya
7. Love Ripple feat. Kaya
8. This Is Too Easy!
9. After Lovin U
10. Family Matters feat. Harlem Childrens Zone
11. Weed Fronter feat. Kaya
12. Bad Habit feat. Hellacopter City
13. Breaking
14. Sleep feat. Flatbush Zombies
15. Aint Nobody Supposed To (Love That)
16. Little Brother feat. Kevin
17. T feat. Glasser
18. A Life Without Love (Is Like A Year Without Summer)
19. Sorry (But I Gotta Go)
20. Uncle Bernard feat. East 31st Street

If you been following my blog from the start you know that one of my first posts was the first project of Erick Arc Elliot named "Noir". Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to his music, I have been following him around and enjoying his work. His music is refreshing and unlikely to most of the rappers he is not busy with making singles or being a just a "rapper" but more with being creative and being a true artist, and that is something I respect. A lot of people slept on his previous projects but I'm glad that I see his work pop up more and more often on the internet. You can stream and download the complete album on his bandcamp.

If you enjoy it also visit the website theloveinus, where Erick Arc Elliot is part of.

"THELOVEINUS is a collective of young individuals who pride themselves as artists, and refer to themselves in the 3rd person. We use art as our means of expression, and love is our inspiration. We aren't to be confused with any lame/loser/hippie/false revolutionaries, we just love to create.


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