donderdag 28 oktober 2010

The Let Go - Tomorrow Handles That (2008)

01. Turning On You
02. Sun Dont Shine
03. We Never Talk
04. Searching For Sun feat. Grieves
05. Standing Back
06. No Difference feat. Mac Lethal
07. Sponsor Words
08. Live Life Like A Western feat. Symmetry
09. Booty Fiend
10. Party Crashers feat. Louis Logic
11. Moodswing
12. No I Dont feat. Josh Martinez
13. Easy Road
14. Desolation

Sun Dont Shine

No Difference feat. Mac Lethal

Booty Fiend

"THE LET GO is a hip hop group comprised of two emcees, Type and Kublakai, and one producer, Captain Midnite. All members were born and raised in Seattle, WA, where they all currently reside. The combination of their talents came together naturally for the three friends and each member has something distinctively unique they bring to the group: Type is known for his satirical content and smash mouth punchlines, Kublakai made a name for himself by having catchy hooks and genuine style, while Captain Midnite brings the art of true composition back to boom bap hip hop, with crackin drums and bold sample chops in a beat bound to have at least three change-ups before the tracks ends."


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