zondag 17 oktober 2010

Blame One - Endurance (2010)

1. The Elders
2. It’s a Stick Up
3. Ateteaeight (feat. Ruslan / Beleaf)
4. Still Doin Me
5. Do Work (feat. Bia)
6. Step It Up (feat. Big Left)
7. Right to Exist
8. AC All Day (feat. Jimmy Powers / Kahless / Saviorself / Nothinless)
9. Classic Hits
10. Glass House
11. Endurance
12. The Illest (feat. Anthony Rutkowski)
13. Studio Time (feat. Pedalay)
14. Bret Favre’n It

Right To Exist

"West coast MC Blame One disappointed many fans when he announced his retirement last year… only to come back even stronger than ever with his superb early 2010 mixtape
Leaks & Gemz. Now Blame One is officially back with a full-length album, Endurance."

I'm glad that he decided to continue making music.


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