vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

JustMe (of Scribbling Idiiots) - Tragedy & Dope LP (2010)

1 - Tragedy & Dope
2 - I Know
3 - Serenity
4 - The Truth & A Lie
5 - Out Of Context
6 - Ups & Downs
7 - Sexual Confessional
8 - The Prodigal
9 - Quitting Time
10 - Wade

Tragedy & Dope is JustMe's third solo album and is entirely produced by Deacon The Villain of Cunninlynguists for A Piece Of Strange Music. Deacon also sings hooks on 5 of the album's 10 tracks. The album is now available on JustMe's bandcamp for a minimum donation of 5$. It will be available on Itunes/Amazon etc on November 2nd.

I was pretty exited about this project (basically every project that has something to do with Cunninlynguists) and after listening to the album on Justme's bandcamp I must say it meets my expectations. Shit is dope give it a listen and support the artist..

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