dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

Erick Arc Elliott - Renvoi. (2010)

1 - It's your world
2 - Inside
3 - Smile
4 - Wait
5 - Crazy Breaks
6 - Last Place
7 - O.M.G
8 - Pen Pal
9 - Award Night

"I thought after getting my computer back I’d have all the time in the world to be productive. Sike. I was slacking on the weekly posts of the Renvoi. tracks [because I had no computer to retrieve the files], so I decided to design a new cover and just put all the tracks I planned to upload into one file. This should compensate for a bit while I’m steadily working on the Almost Remembered EP. Sorry for that again guys! Keep in mind, the tracks are in no specific order and were recorded at completely different intervals of time…

ERICK ARC ELLIOTT: “Renvoi’s literal translation in French means , “to send back” or “to return unopened”. Here are 9 tracks I picked at random for you guys to listen to and critique. A few of these are dated back to late 2008! Whew!"

Too many people still sleeping on this guy. Do yourself a favor and download Noir.is black and this one..


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  1. I agree. Too many people are sleeping on this dude. But, his continues to put out good content.


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