dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Ro Spit - A Different Arrangement

"The return of the Fly Emcee is upon us with a slightly different approach. Arriving June 8th is Ro Spits, "A Different Arrangement." Ro Spit has been propelled by his widely played OH S#!T Project which elevated him from the pack of rappers without an identity to an artist with a heavy broadband following.

Artist inspiration can be channeled through many unexpected outlets; it forces them to take an angle that may not have been visible before. For Ro Spit, that inspiration arrived in the form of fellow Michigan representative Mayer Hawthorne and his Strange Arrangement. Understanding the notion that music never limits itself is a very liberating mindset. Ro acknowledges I dont have certain or specific things that inspire me. I just know when I feel it, and then just hit the gas. Ro Spit made a transition from reverberating bass patterns to trumpets and cymbals, showing his diversity and musical dexterity. And he almost did it overnight. Ro quickly took his time and completed the project in less than a month, another ode to his voracious work ethic. The project cradles the listener and rocks them through unexpected twists and turns, going from juxtapose storylines to outright semi-automatic verses; or as rappers say Bars!

This arrangement is comprised of the musical production from Mayer Hawthornes previous arrangement, as confusing as that sounds it makes perfect harmony. With no features and special guests, Ro Spit is the solitary emcee to finesse this delicate music. There are many superlatives that could be used to explain this outstanding work, but for now lets just call itDifferent."

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