vrijdag 1 april 2011

H.O.P.E. - Believe In HOPE Wright (Album)

1. Mr. Wright (Produced By Axel Foley)
2. Killer f. Alex Isley (Produced by J.LBS)
3. Body On Me f. Jhené Aiko (Produced By K. Roosevelt)
4. I Do It (Produced By K. Roosevelt)
5. Stand Up f. Pac Div (Produced by J.LBS)
6. Say So f. Kevin Cossom (Produced By Hit-Boy of Surf Club)
7. Do Better Blues f. Jhené Aiko (Produced By J.LBS.)
8. Me&Her (Produced By K. Roosevelt)
9. My Cool (Produced By Hit-Boy of Surf Club)
10. Remember The Days (Produced By J.LBS.)
11. Gotta Go f. K.Roosevelt (Produced By K. Roosevelt)
12. Piano Cover (Produced By Nujabes)
13. BONUS. Bliss feat. Y-O (of U-N-I) (Produced By Ro Blvd)

Body On Me Ft Jhene Aiko

Stand Up ft Pac Div

Me & Her


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