vrijdag 1 april 2011

Lenny Harold - The Journal of Wonders (Tale Of The Phoenix In The Moon Labyrinth) (2011)

1 – The phoenix cry
2 – There it is
3 – Its not ok
4 – Helpless
5 – Couture
6 – I need you (interlude)
7 – Surprise
8 – In my arms
9 – Understand me
10 – Fascination
11 – Waiting on yesterday
12 – Voodoo
13 – Secret love
14 – Love at the end

"In a world where the imagination is limited and executives make copy-cat decisions, a new wind blows in a voice; an emotion; an aura that captures the hearts and motivates the souls of music-lovers young and old.

Born Glenn H. Adams, Jr., Lenny Harold harnesses a sound so organic it brings one to tears. Already having numerous accomplishments under his old moniker “CHANJ,” Lenny is an established artist in his own right, having worked with several heavy-hitters in the business— including singer/songwriter Marsha Ambrosious whose ballad “Say Yes” would spark his rise to Apollo championship and industry discovery. After putting his own stamp on the song, Lenny has generated a solid fan base in the states and gained notoriety through his fascinating performances across the world."


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