woensdag 16 februari 2011

Gilbere Forte' - Eyes of Veritas (2010)

01. The Eyes [prod. by Raak & Forte’]
02. Veritas [prod. by Raak & Forte’]
03. The Exports (ft. Emilio Rojas, Reek Da Villain, Murda Mook, Joell Ortiz) [co-prod. by Don Cannon with Raak & Forte’]
04. Born In ‘87 [prod. By Don Cannon]
05. Train Lights [prod. by Bink!]
06. Tonight (ft. Sean Rose & Selina Carrera) [prod. by Raak & Forte’]
07. Karma (ft. Droop-E & Raak) [prod. by Raak & Forte’]
08. Lights On (ft. I-20) [prod. by Bengie]
09. Die For You [prod. by Lex Luger]
10. Unbreakable (ft. Selina Carrera) [co-prod. by Ben Pramuk with Raak & Forte’]
11. What They Talkin’ Bout (ft. Peedi. & Raak) [prod. by Raak & Forte’]
12. We Do This (ft. Don Trip) [prod. by Bengie]
13. Time Life (ft. Reese) [prod. by Boi-1da]
14. Ballot Or The Bullet (ft. G*Lee) [prod. Raak & Forte’]
15. Three Words (ft. Selina Carrera) [co-prod. by Joshua Long with Raak & Forte’]


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