vrijdag 19 november 2010

Benu - Beautiful Usuals (2009)

1. Wake From Your Sleep
2. The 3rd Of July
3. Sit In The Sun When It's Windy
4. Gramophone
5. My Lucky Star
6. DreamLand
7. Nothing Left (ft Threadbare Revolution)
8. Night Falls Fast (Ft. Brizz)
9. Nali
10. Cat Got Your Tongue
11. The Sad Goodbye
12. Gone Like The Moon At Dawn

Nothing Left (ft Threadbare Revolution)

"Benu started out with the task of making hip-hop beats for his good friend and Day Blues emcee, Rob Wilcox, who loved to rap but had no beats. After years of producing hip-hop beats, he found a love for the genre and decided to release his solo project with much more diversity and freedom, Beautiful Usuals...A strange mix of ancient jazz samples, hip-hop and moody electronica, Benu's music takes you through a sound scape that is both futuristic and antique."

Instrumental album by Benu (the producer of Day Blues). I Just gave it a listen after a long time and I realized that I actually forgot how good this CD was. great music to zone out..


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