vrijdag 19 november 2010

Introduction to Grillade

Grillade = Ragen Fykes | Keelay | The Park

"Before Grillade was actually a band, project or even a concept, Ragen Fykes was visiting the Bay Area. The plan was to meet up with Ragen maybe grab some food and hang out. What actually ended up happening is Keelay and long time friends and collaborators The Park eventually found themselves at Bird and Egg Studios along with Ms. Fykes. That night there was no plans of making anything specific, rather just wanted to make whatever came to mind. What actually did come to mind is this remake of M64's "In the Pocket". Since then Ragen Fykes, The Park and Keelay have embarked on a full length project calling themselves Grillade. Here is a taste of what is to come mixed with some good old M64. It has truly been an honor to collaborate with M64 and Record Breaking to bring you this remix."

Download: M64 X Grillade - In The Pocket Remix

Debut Video: Dream Of You (Emotionally Yours)

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