vrijdag 5 november 2010

SigNif - The Transition LP (2010)

1. Welcome Intro
2. The Transition
3. Drifting
4. Make Moves (Feat. Prophetic)
5. High
6. Gone
7. Never (Feat. J Nolan)
8. What’s Going On (Feat. APrime)
9. Lovely Imperfections
10. New “Ish”
11. The Wake Up
12. Magnetic
13. AfterNoon Jazz
14. Flaws Remix (Feat. Tay Lee)
15. Pure Pleasure (Feat. GodFree)
16. (Bonus) The Transition Remix

"Signif or Significant, born and raised in Milwaukee was first put on to Hip Hop by her older brothers and started doing poetry at the age of 8. Poetry eventually turned into freestyle, and then into song writing as a result of her love for music.

Her style can be described as just that... her, its how she lives and breaths. Signif is one of a new breed of artists that would be classified as "Reality Rap" in that her writing direction doesn't depend on the latest trend, but rather what she feels, or whatever the track bring out at that moment.

With a versatile flow that ranges from intense to laid back, Signif uses her words to paints vivid images of the world through her eyes. Signif is a complex artist with a simple message which is "it's OK to be you", we live in a time with a lot of fads and modern day aristocracies and people desperately seeking approval, she just want to remind everyone out there that's "it's OK to be yourself".


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