vrijdag 5 november 2010

Foreign English - These Lovely Ashes (Mixtape)

1. For Forever (Prod. Foreign English)
2. Give It Away (Prod. Oddisee)
3. These Lovely Ashes (Prod. Oddisee)
4. I Wanna Be (Prod. Tone P of BKS)
5. No Greater Love (Prod. Exile)
6. Rise (Prod. Dante Lewis)
7. Viva La Player (Prod. J Dilla)
8.The Future [A Word From Logan] (Prod. Foreign English)
9. Put In A Postion (Prod. Trey Hemingway)
10. Nothing At All (Prod. Trey Hemingway)
11. Deep Shit (Prod. Suff Daddy)
12. As Apart As We Are (Prod. Hudson Mohawke)
13. Crime of Celebration (Prod. Hudson Mohawke)
14. My Hero (Prod. Foreign English)
15. Pedophile (Prod. Foreign English)

"Wow! This is fucken amazing! I have a Mixtape! Wow...I feel great. But before I get to ahead of myself, let me say sorry for being late. Had a show at Pure Lounge last night, it wore me out so I ignored my alarm this morning. However, the Freshness as arrived!! These Lovely Ashes is Here! With production from J Dilla, Tone P, Exile, Trey Hemingway, Myself and More. This is a very personal Project, covering and explaining the event of the last year.I wont talk to much this time around folks, please Download and Enjoy. Bless!"

I'm glad I came across this one, great tape from start to finish. Just download or jump of a bridge..


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