woensdag 1 december 2010

Deacon The Villain & Sheist Khrist – Niggaz With Latitude (2010)

1.Call of the Night (Intro) 01:01
2.Satellites 03:04
3.Brave New World f. Natti 02:40
4.Rip the Guts f. Soul Akoben (of Crop Circle) 02:51
5.Chevrolet Doors f. Mino Slick 03:24
6.Niggaz for Sale (interlude) f. Bianca Spriggs 00:52
7.American Greed f. Natti 02:56
8.Luther f. PackFM 02:20
9.Black Dog f. Kno 02:49
10.Nobody Speaks 04:03
11.Ascension 03:50
12.Million Miles High 02:50
13.Final Call (outro) f. Willie Eames & Bianca Spriggs 06:01

"QK10 draws near its close with the release of Deacon The Villain & Sheisty Khrist’s brand joint-project, Niggaz With Latitude (NWL.).

After an explosive appearance by Sheisty Khrist on CunninLynguists 2008 album Dirty AcresNiggaz With Latitude was born. left fans clamoring for more, Deacon The Villain searched for the perfect opportunity to pair his long-overlooked talents as a producer with Sheisty’s bombastic vocals in an album format. Thus, the concept for

This 13-track gem is produced entirely by Deacon The Villain, with two clutch offerings from fellow QN5 beatsmiths Kno (of CunninLynguists) and Kokayi. Guest vocal appearances are scored by Natti, PackFM, Mino Slick, the aforementioned Kno & Bianca Spriggs along with the musical stylings of Soul Akoben and guitarist Willie Eames.

Tracks like “American Greed” and Rip The Guts” take the listener for a tour of society’s shadowy corners while “Ascension” and “Final Call” connect with an airy spirituality not-often heard in modern Hip Hop. An open-booth policy was kept during the recording process, with the Kentucky-natives trading places often, challenging each other to up the ante with each verse. The result is a thoroughly dense, rough-around-the-edges musical bombshell that manages to add another distinctively insightful chapter into the annals of southern soul."

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