zaterdag 18 december 2010

Lyrics Born - As U Were (2010)

1. Kontrol Phreak
2. I Wanna B W/U (Feat. Lateef)
3. We Live By The Beat
4. Coulda Woulda Shoulda (Feat. Sam Sparro)
5. As U Were Reception (Skit)
6. I've Lost Myself (Feat. Joyo Velarde)
7. Lies X 3
8. Born-E-Oh's! (Skit)
9. Pushed Aside/Pulled Apart (Feat. Lateef)
10. Oh, Baby!
11. I'm The Best (Funky Fresh In The Flesh)
12. Block Bots (Feat. Trackademicks and Clyde Carson)
13. Pillz 'Lude (skit)
14. Pillz (Feat. The Gift of Gab of Blackalicious)
15. Something Better (Feat. Francis And The Lights)

Something Better (Feat. Francis And The Lights)

"Lyrics Born has built his career on steadily providing colorful West Coast underground hip-hop along with a diverse musical taste that's quickly become his pride. After dealing with traces of funk, blues and dancehall on his previous releases, Lyrics Born looks to keep the eclecticism going with his third studio album, with tracks such as the cabaret-esque "Lies X 3," the electro-tinged "Pushed Aside, Pulled Apart" and the old-school clap of "Funky Hit Records." The list of collaborators should be to familiar to Lyrics Born fans. Lateef The Truthspeaker and Joyo Velarde guest on the album, along with production from Jake One and Trackademicks, all who have worked with with the Bay Area MC in the past."

Best song: I've Lost Myself ft
Joyo Velarde


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