zaterdag 25 september 2010

Butta Verses - Reality BV (2008)

01. Hello (Intro) (prod. by Tzarizm) 02:03
02. Speech Therapy (feat. A Butta) (prod. by Tzarizm) 03:35
03. It's Them (feat. Kurious) (prod. by VIC) 02:34
04. Rock Mics (feat. Joell Ortiz) (prod. by Bean One) 03:53
05. Fire (prod. by Shorte Bluez) 03:05
06. Change The World (feat. Lucian) (prod. by Steesh) 03:14
07. INTL (prod. by SS1) 03:01
08. Club Cluck (Skit) 02:03
09. Not Fun (prod. by Marco Polo) 04:39
10. Cassanova Brown (prod. by Steesh) 04:21
11. War Of The Roses (feat. CL Smooth) (prod. by Vincent Price) 04:06
12. Breaking Up (prod. by Shorte Bluez) 02:56
13. Big Dreams (feat. Lucian) (prod. by Shorte Bluez) 04:24
14. Backpacker (prod. by FLO Beats) 03:04
15. Ask For It (prod. by Mike Beats) 03:35
16. Amazing Grace (prod. by Shorte Bluez) 03:04
17. If I Die (feat. Lucian) (prod. by VIC) 04:14

If I Die (feat. Lucian)

Amazing Grace

Rock Mics (feat. Joell Ortiz)

"Butta Verses, a Bronx-bred rapper who now calls Fort Lauderdale, Florida home, made his debut appearance on De La Soul’s 2004 release The Grind Date spitting back to back with Posdonus on the song “No.” Butta’s name was bestowed upon him by fellow MCs at local ciphers but once his mixtape reached the ears of DJ Maseo from De La Soul, his rhymes started reaching neighborhoods around the world. Maseo signed Butta to his Bear Mountain Entertainment label and he began touring with De La Soul to promote The Grind Date. Butta released several mixtapes while playing over 200 shows on De La Soul’s international tour and began recording with his crew GCD (Glee Club Detention) as well as Seattle’s Vitamin D and Bean One for his Bear Mountain debut, Brand Spankin. Having completed his term with Bear Mountain, Butta focused on live performances, sharing the stage with such veterans as Wu Tang Clan, KRS-One, Boot Camp Click and many others. Though no longer signed with Maseo, Butta was heard in late 2006 on De La Soul’s old-school flavored track, “You Got It” from Impossible Mission. All along, Butta has seen a great deal of his catalog licensed for television (NBC’s Saturday Night Live and A&E’s Dog The Bounty Hunter, to name a couple) and ringtones through his partnership with NYC-based licensing company, Beats and Rhymes."


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