maandag 13 september 2010

Day Blues - The Album (2007)

1. Step Aside
2.Forgive But Never Forget
3.Lost Within The Sound
4.The Coffee
5.Expensive Wisdom
6.Just Cruise
7.City Life
9.Touch The Game
10.Rise (A Cry For Humanity)
11.Brown Sugar (Remix)
12.No Time For Turning Back

Forgive But Never Forget
Lost Within The Sound
No Time For Turning Back

"We are called Day Blues. West Coast HIP HOP with a hint of everywhere in between. Rob WIlcox lays the flows and its all conscience emotions on top of BENU beats that create FEEL to the music. All Day Blues is shoting for is real people listening to real music. We have fun with ours but everything is real talk, how'd we say it in front of you or in a room alone...this is us. We go deep, dirty, raw, and high! Music is all that so pull up a chair and walk with us threw a few songs....Im sure its sumthin in our music you can apply to your life! Everything is Everything! Day Blues"


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