woensdag 8 september 2010

Oncue - Cuey Sings The Blues (Mixtape)

01. For the Moon (prod. CJ Luzi)
02. Friends (prod. CJ Luzi)
03. In the Memory of You
04. Crashing Down (prod. AJisReal)
05. Drunk Dialing (prod. Emay & OnCue)
06. Let Loose (prod. CJ Luzi)
07. Escape (prod. Emay & OnCue)
08. Time Machine (prod. Chanes & Joey Fava)
09. Empty Promises
10. Center of the Room (feat. PUSH! Montana) (prod. CJ Luzi)
11. Daddy’s Money (feat. Casey Herlihy) (prod. CJ Luzi)
12. She Don’t Wanna Wait (prod. Chanes)
13. News For You (prod. CJ Luzi)
14. A Smile Like A Flame (prod. CJ Luzi & Bruce Henderson Jr.)
15. Finally


Time Machine



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