zondag 8 augustus 2010

Common Market - Tabacco Road (2008)

1) Service
2) Trouble Is
3) Gol’Dust
4) Slow Cure
5) Back Home (The Return)
6) 40 Furrows
7) House
8) Winter Takes All
9. Weather Vane
10) 40 Acres
11) Nina Sing feat. Funklove
12) Certitude feat. Chev
13) The Crucible feat. Geologic of Blue Scholars
14) 40 Thieves
15) Spits (inst.)
16) Nothin’ At All
17) Swell
18) Tobacco Road

Winter Takes All

Nina Sing feat. Funklove

The Crucible feat. Geologic of Blue Scholars

Entering the hip-hop arena in an almost-forgotten fashion, the MC-and-the-DJ tag team Common Market has been pegged as leaders of Seattle's new-school rap movement. MC RA Scion and DJ Sabzi have received rave reviews locally, landing in the Seattle Times' artists-to-watch list in 2006, appearing on the front cover of Sound Seattle magazine's September 2006 issue, and obtaining the personal endorsement of hip-hop pioneer KRS-One as an exceptional up-and-coming group. Sabzi, a classically trained pianist and member of Seattle rap group Blue Scholars, and RA Scion came to meet each other in 2004 because of their identical ambitions to make Seattle a hotbed for hip-hop and their similar beliefs as worshipers of the Baha'i Faith. After Sabzi lent production help to RA Scion's solo album, Live and Learn, the two formed Common Market in 2005. Their self-titled debut album was first released in 2005 but then released nationally in early 2006. ~ Cyril Cordor, All Music Guide "

Great album from beginning till the end..


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