zondag 8 augustus 2010

Keelay & Zaire - Ridin High (2009)

1. The Intro feat. Gravedigga Jones
2. Take A Ride feat. Slo Mo, Mario Dones, AV
3. Addicts For Real feat. Tunji
4. Cali 2 NY feat. Hassaan Mackey, Rasco, Planet Asia, Slo Mo
5. I Used To Ride feat. Fortilive, Saafir
6. Wake Up feat. Emilio Rojas, Silent Knight, AV, Tiffany Paige, Brian Francis
7. I’m On Swerv feat. Tash (of Tha Alkaholiks), Da Evangillest, E. Jerks
8. Sole Ides Interlude feat. Slo Mo
9. Alright With Me feat. Dminor, Phonte (of Little Brother)
10. The Times feat. Blu, Fortilive, Nino Moschella
11. Nurf To The Turf feat. Prophet
12. Trapped feat. Supastition, Slo Mo
13. We Made It feat. Mario Dones
14. Beautiful feat. Surreal, Darrien Brockington
15. Ridin High feat. FEMI
16. Do What It Do feat. Nightclubber Lang, Jern Eye (Bonus

The Times Feat. Blu, Fortlive, and Nino Moschella

Alright With Me Feat. Dminor and Phonte(Of Little Brother)

Beautiful Feat. Surreal and Darrien Brockington

"Versatility is the only constant in today's music movement, which is the prized calling card for up and coming production duo Kyle 'Keelay' Pierce & Tim 'Zaire' Lewis. The potent team operates with only one concrete rule; creating music with unlimited range. Complementing each others styles with precision, Kee & Zee work as a sole production machine that spawns gritty classic hip-hop, soulful r&b, and any other medium that requires an exclusive sound from the team.

Kee & Zee are now upon completion of their debut LP, 'Ridin High', which promises to deliver an incredible look into the music and lifestyle of the multifaceted team. Coming along for the smoke filled journey is an extraordinary supporting cast of passengers such as Sole Vibe representatives Slo-Mo, Mario Dones, The A.V.E., J.Fish, Phonte of Little Brother, Supastion, Blu, Cali Agents, Darien Brockington, Tash of Tha Liks, Torae, Saafir, Khizman, Fortilive, Jonathan Moore, Emilio Rojas, Surreal, Jony Fraze, Tiff any Paige as well as many others. From hard hitting, scratch heavy rap to smoke traced r&b rhythms, Keelay & Zaire swerve right into the fastlane with ease with their versatile talents, creating their own lane to ride out to."


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