maandag 9 augustus 2010

Tha Connection - Moon Water (2008)

01. Take It Higher
02. Cold Soul
03. Hibernation Remix
04. Blacklight
05. Warm Summer
06. Drumstick Remix
07. My Story
08. Classic feat. Kush Foreal
09. Theme Song Of Foul Play
10. Skys
11. Zen Remix
12. Good Fella Remix
13. Realness
14. Understand Us
15. Take It Higher – Asuka Mochizuki ( from Cradle Orchestra )
16. Realness Remix

Drumstick (Remix)



Tha Connection consists out of hip hop duo Hus the Kingpin & SmooVth. Moon Water is the follow up to their debut release "Trapeze". This is a great album, a mix between classic hip hop and smooth, soulful sounds.


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