woensdag 11 augustus 2010

Versis – iLLCANDESCENT (2010)

01. Thesis
03. The Journey (4U)
04. Life Story (Story Of My Life)
05. Dig This!
06. Spittin’ In The Wind
07. Love Is Love
08. Slow Down
09. Rain Rain Rain
10. In Your Dreams
11. The Need
12. Life After You
13. Travelin’
14. Gotta Love It (Bonus Track)

<a href="http://versis.bandcamp.com/album/illcandescent">"Thesis" by Versis</a>

"Life's struggles present us with many unique challenges, some are never able to over come them, others see it as an excuse to stay stagnant, but ultimately the wise see it as ammo for a real life story to tell and a wonderful life to lead. Pasadena's own VERSIS represents the latter to the fullest extent.

From early childhood VERSIS saw music as not only a hobby but something he was skilled at. Originally coming from Los Angeles' Inglewood area, some moving around the LA County landed him in one of the most prominent cities in the San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena.
Some might say the lack of a present father would cause many young black males to turn to a life of crime and the inevitable involvement in street gangs, but for VERSIS Hip Hop is his clique and his lyrics are his arsenal. Without making excuses he puts it best, "Pops was seldom seen confirming the statistics/ a deadbeat just name a year he probably missed it." VERSIS sees reality as it is and moves on from that of which many use to provide a rationale to their own failure.

It is no wonder that through honesty in his music VERSIS provides a voice for real Hip Hop and for a generation that many feel have been negatively influenced by unrealistic music marketed by the mainstream media.
It wasn't until late 2008 that VERSIS started to effectively utilize the talent that he's noticed since as far back as he could remember. With assisting in the creation of the PASADENA HIP HOP ALLIANCE, under the guidance of his advisor, Mr. K. (FOCI), it allowed him to become a part of a circle of like minded individuals and to nurture his talent. In addition to that experience his own brother's longtime friendship with LA's SEVEN DAY allowed for VERSIS to sit in on recording sessions and position himself to eventually get into the booth and record his own tracks.

VERSIS is currently self promoting his work while prepping to gain 'higher learning' after graduating from Blair IB Magnet in '09. With a rare baritone voice and non monotone style the uniqueness of this Hip Hop prodigy is coming to fruition. The bird has been pushed out of its nest and now the whole world will get to see him soar."


I've been waiting for this one since Versis leaked the TheJourney(4U) track last month. This is some dope stuff over here! iLLCANDESCENT is the debut album of the West Coast native. The album was originally released a couple day's ago but I couldn't find a link to share it with you guy's.. I'll give it to you for free but if you can miss a couple dollars buy it on Versis's bandcamp it's worth the money, Support real artists!


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