dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

Mancini & The Creepers - Trouble/Gold Sand

"Back with their second single 'Trouble/Gold Sand' (available at all digitals) the Bristol and London based Mancini & The Creepers continue to blur the lines between Hip Hop, Soul, Indie, Electronica and Jazz, fusing sounds and styles with an impeccably British twist. Vocalist Mancini combines rolling raps and melodies in a uniquely soulful style, breezing through stories of life in modern day Britain. Production is handled by Tommy Tempa and Frank Laws, who together hold down The Creepers organic sound. To any one who didn't receive these tracks from Alex Rogers (at All The Young Kings) just click on the links below to download them."

I received this one a while ago in my mail, but because I totally forgot to check my mailbox once in a while I never listened to it until today. I always respect artists who manage to diversify themselves from the rest of the scene, and after listening to the music of Mancini & The Creepers I can say that they accomplished to do that very well. Listen to the songs and decide your self, I think it's pretty dope!


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