donderdag 10 maart 2011

Coolroy (Lite) - Charlie (Mixtape)

01. Same Road
02. In the Moment [prod Like]
03. Crush
04. Dope as Love [prod. Selassi, strings by E. Hammer]
05. A Whole Lot of Cool [prod. Ratatat]
06. Time of My Life [prod. Roosevelt]
07. Getting By [prod. Roosevelt]
08. How We Roll (ft. H.O.P.E.) [prod. Epik the Dawn]
09. She Ready [prod. Roosevelt]
10. Dreaming (ft. Tunji) [prod. Taebeast]
11. Poison (ft. Jhene Aiko) [prod. The Automatics]
12. Save Me [prod. Taebeast]
13. The World [prod. Uncle Dave, strings by E. Hammer)
14. Bet That [prod. Roosevelt]

"So here it is…. “Charlie”. To make it simple, this is just the story of a kid trying to figure out life, and where he fits in the world…. if at all. – Coolroy"


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