donderdag 17 maart 2011

Know:Juander – A Kid Love, beta (2009)

01.Memories Ft. Raymond Soott
02.Intro Window
03.Mom's Street Canvas
04.This Long Keep On
05.Pause That Beat
06.The Love Beta Interlude
08.Drummer...A Little Bit
09.Painting A Still
10.A Little Bit... More
11.Determination Ft. Jarell Perry

"Project was completely produced by knowjuander for Genius Kid LLC. Album features “Memories,” a song originally recorded by Raymond Scott, and a vocal feature by Jarell Perry on “Determination.”
The spirit of the record is carried on the thought that when we were all kids, we truly experienced unadulterated love. The feelings we possessed as children were the most authentic. So the title implies that the work in full is the most authentic expression of (love) for, in this case, undoubtedly, hip hop that could be shown. The usage of “beta” as a suffix on this project has more than the mere meaning that this project is in a user-tested phase. Loosely, though, there is the desire for those who pick up this project to try it out, try to understand not only the material, but the artist also. Moreover, to try to give the same energy to their crafts, whether it musical or not.
Personal highlights of the record are “This Long Keep On” and “Determination,” as well as the powerful brag-swag track, “Drummer… A Little Bit.”
From the production angle I would definitely highlight “A Little Bit… More,” as it may have been the most difficult of the samples to chop that were used to create the soundtrack of this lyrical outing.
Personally, I feel that I shine on “Painting a Still,” which is my favorite of all the songs, “Determination,” being second. Combined, this project is more than six months of production and a season or so of actual writing and crafting songs in various settings and sittings."

Used to have this one on repeat often during the summer of 2009....KnowJuander is a pretty unfamiliar name for most of the people but A Kid Love Beta is a very solid and interesting project!


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