vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Mentalist - Make You Proud (2011)

01.Mentro (ft. Krimzon)
02.Open Season
03.4 My People
04.Set It Free
05.Head In The Sky
06.Home Away From Home (ft. Krimzon)
07.Flow 4 Flow (ft. Pyro Barz)
08.Make It If We Try (ft. Skillit)
09.All Rise (ft. Elrae)
10.In The Mood (ft. Elrae)
11.Same Old Me (ft. S.V.)
12.Sacrifice (ft. Elrae, Loudmouth Melvin, Shanaz Dorsett)
13.Make You Proud (ft. Shanaz Dorsett)
14.Reborn (ft. Elrae)
15.Mirage (ft. Shanaz Dorsett)
16.Stormy Nights (ft. S.V.)
17.Oh Yer (ft. Loudmouth Melvin)
18.My Way
19.Worst Nightmare

Mentalist - Mirage (ft. Shanaz Dorsett) by teamwpgm

Mentalist - Oh Yer (ft Loudmouth Melvin) by teamwpgm


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