vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Taylor McFerrin - Broken Vibes EP (2008)

1 - Broken Vibes feat. Vincent Parker
2 - Georgia
3 - Greene Sun
4 - The Song I Promised You
5 - Georgia (Karizma's Bruk It Down Remix)
6 - Celebrity feat. TK Wonder [Bonus Track]

Broken vibes


"Following the highly regarded first-release from hip-hop innovator Shawn J. Period, the Rude Movements crew deliver an amazing debut from young-gun Taylor McFerrin. Conceived in his Brooklyn bedroom studio, Taylor delivers 3 original tracks that flex his exceptional abilities as a producer, musician and beatboxer. From the title track 'Broken Vibe's featuring Vincent Franklin, to the hip-hop swagger of 'Georgia' and the Brasilian flavour of 'The Song I Promised You', this EP is an impressive beginning to his solo career.


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