dinsdag 15 maart 2011

Cunninlynguists - Oneirology (2011)

01 Predormitum (Prologue)
02 Darkness (Dream On) f. Anna Wise of Sonnymoon
03 Phantasmata
04 Hard As They Come (Act I) f. Freddie Gibbs
05 Murder (Act II) f. Big K.R.I.T.
06 My Habit (I Haven't Changed)
07 Get Ignorant
08 Shattered Dreams
09 Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest Of Night) f. Rick Warren
10 So As Not To Wake You (Interlude)
11 Enemies With Benefits f. Tonedeff
12 Looking Back f. Anna Wise of Sonnymoon
13 Dreams f. Tunji & B.J. The Chicago Kid
14 Hypnopomp (Epilogue) f. Bianca Spriggs
15 Embers

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