donderdag 10 maart 2011

Frank Ocean - Nostalgia, Ultra (2011)

01 Street Fighter
02 Strawberry Swing
03 Novacane
04 We All Try
05 Bitches Talkin'
06 Songs For Women
07 Lovecrimes
08 Goldeneye
09 There Will Be Tears
10 Swim Good
11 Dust
12 American Wedding
13 Soul Calibur
14 Nature Feels

There Will Be Tears
We All Try

"Meet Frank Ocean, the newest member of the Odd Future group and one of the brightest young talents to come out of 2011
so far. His debut album Nostalgia, Ultra released last week (for free) and to be right up front, it’s beyond anything we could’ve ever expected. The album displays a style of rap that’s been attempted countless times, but never really executed. We’re talking about the half rapping, half singing trend Kanye, Cudi, and Lupe most notably made famous. They all attempted it, but to be honest, it’s just never sounded this good. One of the main reasons for that is Frank Ocean can actually sing. Like, REALLY sing. And not to mention the production on this is remarkable. Space-y, synth heavy beats float like a cloud underneath Ocean’s impeccable voice…giving each track on the album that much more appeal.

Compared to the mainstream r&b/hip-hop music we hear on the radio now-a-days, Ocean is a breath of fresh air. His sound is distinctively soulful/r&b influenced, yet done in a way that could pass for something totally different. As Odd Future’s website states, “It’s Smooth Ass Music About Bitches, Relationships And Being A Rich Young Nigga…But In A Swagged Out Way.” Do yourself a huge favor and grab Ocean’s debut album Nostalgia, Ultra now below." Review By:


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