vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Steven A. Clark – Stripes (EP) (2011)

The debut album of the singer/songwriter Steven A.Clark..

"Born in Little Rock, Arkansas Steven A. Clark began his musical
education at an early age "I remember my mom playing a lot of Sade,
Anita Baker, Boyz II Men, Tracy Chapmen, Stevie Wonder." Steven
was raised in Fayetteville, NC on a heavy dose of sports and music,
it was mainly Nas and N.E.R.D's "In search of..." that inspired him
to start writing. "I think it was the mixture of all those genre's fused
into one cohesive sound that changed my perspective on music". After
high school Steven made the decision to move further down south to
pursue his dream of making music and experience a new culture, a
new life. It was in Miami where he began to master his craft of writing
and producing and where he currently chooses to call home."


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