donderdag 10 maart 2011

Hard Mix - Defaults LP

01 The Ones We Read
02 Now Her
03 Coasting Earth
04 For Me
05 Late Night Visions
06 Memories
07 I'm Gone
08 Fell Off Somewhere
09 Bright Eyed Child
10 1997


I'm gone

Now Her

"Hard Mix‘s Defaults LP starts with flipping through channels, a pretty standard sound-trope and here it doesn’t sound pretty, cutting all the way out like a badly loading stream. He settles on a female voice, someone who is probably famous but we can’t put our finger on her, talking about the ecstasy of live performance. It’s a clever irony, contrasting nostalgia-beat to the world of the stage, especially in light of Hard Mix’s super-interior last video, shot inside a nondescript suburban house, potted plants by the door and basement La-Z-Boys. For a free album it feels generous, showcasing more breadth than we’ve heard from Hard Mix so far, 10 songs of legitimate piano playing, strangers talking, and buried drums. Moody, amazing. Download below, though the process is pretty awkward: click the Facebook button to activate the app, “like” Dovecote Records, and a link will appear. "

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