dinsdag 13 juli 2010

Delorean - No More Heroes LP

1. No More Heroes (feat. D.Scott)
2: Chapter Seven
3. My Most Favorite Emcee
4. Look Alice Great LP,
5. Needy Girl
6. Chillin’ (feat. C-Plus, DJ Flow, & Dahlak)
7. Dear Langston
8. Grandfather Jenson

"Rap to the future: Neighborhood Watch co-founder and emcee 5th Ave and local producer Jon Reyes are Delorean, whose eight-song release, No More Heroes, takes local hip-hop back to the basics: smart raps, catchy hooks, chill harmonies, addictive bass, rich synths—all a welcome reprieve from the hyperfast BPM, aggro-snare, bouncy-lows trends of mainstream rap.

Beats don’t have to bump at 88 damned miles per hour all the time, remember?

No More Heroes is proof: six unique tracks by Reyes and 5th bookended by spoken-word songs featuring lyricist D. Scott. The opener, “No More Heroes,” feels like an overture to a French New Wave film.

On “Look Alice,” a funky, psychedelic but straightforward rap track, 5th alternates with a female-chanted chorus of “How deep does the rabbit hole go?” and complex production that beckons a beguiling wonderland. And on “Needy Girl,” 5th raps, “She’s a needy girl / And I can’t stand needy girls,” to a slick, Billy Ocean-sounding rhythm, including an unexpected outro riffage of keys and a decayed funk bass. “Chillin’” features a cowbell backbeat that’s arguably the only nonannoying use of a cowbell in the past 10 years. And “Dear Langston,” which opens with live applause and a jazzy snare kit/synth strings arrangement, has 5th rapping, “Ask me what I’m writing for / It’s simple: just to give some hope,” a soulful ode to friendship, family and community."

Great LP!


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