donderdag 29 juli 2010

Slik D - Sunshine (2010)

1. Super Powers
2. Blown As Possible
3. Sidewalk
4. Gangsta Boy
5. In The Sun ft Eponym & J.Seph
6. Hello Summer (&California)
7. Sunsets

<a href="">Blown As Possible by SLik d</a>

<a href="">In The Sun (Feat.EPonym & J.Seph) by SLik d</a>

"What up yall. SLik once again saying Thank You for downloading yet another project from me. I do this for you,me,fam,friends,future honeys,artist..everyone that have yet to hear my music. Ive made this project because I wanted to give people something to listen to for the rest of summer. Simple. It was gonna be the promo tape for my new vibes commin out. But I changed my mind and added some tracks that needed to be bumped this year. I wont write too much. Enjoi yall and have a good 2nd half of summer. "

I will post more material of Slik D one of these day's.. If like what you hear and you can't wait, his previous LP; Midnight Vibes can be downloaded on his bandcamp.


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