maandag 26 juli 2010

The Illz - Turpentine Weed (Video)

"Synopsis by filmmaker Kristopher Rey-Talley: Here we go, Round 2. Its funny, The ILLZ and I have wavered back and forth about how to release this video series, and what video would come when. It become clear, after Life and Dreams of Beth", that 'Turpentine Weed' would be a nice followup, as it would crush expectations set forth by our first two collaborations, The Moment You Feel Definite Hope, and the aforementioned Beth. This video was a 180, and it needed to be. The record is laid back, fun, and I wanted to create a video that felt that way as well. The ILLZ is a very multifaceted person. Not only is he intelligent, and one of the most ambitious and cinematic thinking musicians I know, but he also knows how to kick it. If you met him in the street or at a bar, you'd never know how intense and moody his tracks can be. So with Turpentine, we wanted to show off another part of his personality, or two parts in this case. We have the smooth motherfuckin ILLZ and we have the ILLZ as "The Dude". Talented, well spoken and educated, but also has the ability to kick it and not give a shit. Its a low fi concept done in a creative and hopefully, entertaining way. And watch out for part three, as this series grows deeper and the style conquers another bit of cinematic history."

"Turpentine Weed" was produced by ILL Tal.
Download the "In Between Video Series" along with the videos and the songs on August 17th.

Round 2...!

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