maandag 19 juli 2010

The Illz - Dreams of Life & Beth (Official Video)

"Synopsis by filmmaker Kristopher Rey-Talley: When The ILLZ approached me about the “In Between Video series”, I was struck by the simple brilliance of it all. Releasing video and song simultaneously, as one piece of content, was a bold and strong move. I signed on immediately, and within a few days, we began shooting the first few videos. Simple, often low concept, but brimming with ILLZ insistence on cinematic imagery. With “Dreams of Life & Beth”, I decided to go with a very cold, morbid look. The song is introspective and haunting, and I wanted to convey that through a simplistic set of visuals. Shooting on the Manhattan bridge at 5:30am, we got that clean ambient light, and complete desertion. Everything was shot on long lenses, creating a sense of deep space and complete loneliness. The video is a mood piece, low on concept but high on artistry and emotion. It is but the first chapter in a varied, complex and beautiful set of upcoming videos, one unlike that of any artist I’ve worked with thus far.

“Dreams of Life & Beth” was produced by Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man.
Download the “In Between Video Series” along with the videos and the songs on August 17th."

Can't wait for this shit... Seriously the Illz is something different!

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