donderdag 15 juli 2010

Moe Green - Rocky Maivia: Non Title Match

1. He’s Moe Green (Intro)
2. Going For The Kill
3. Non Title Match
4. Emerald City
5. Day Dreamer (feat. Ragen Fykes)
6. Ride
7. Search Party
8. Keep It Ill
9. KIM
10. Cruise Control
11. Don’t Hurt Me (feat. 1OAK)
12. Level After Like
13. Buzz Lightyear
14. Top Turn Buckle Lifestyle
15. What It Is
16. Preliminaries
17. Exclamation Point

<a href="">KIM by Moe Green</a>
<a href="">Exclamation Point by Moe Green</a>
<a href="">Day Dreamer (feat. Ragen Fykes) by Moe Green</a>

I posted the video of Ride 2 month's ago but now the long awaited album of Moe Green is finally here. This shit shit is dope, Moe is ill on the mic plus the production is smooth!


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