donderdag 22 juli 2010

Soulution - Shine Through (2009)

01 01:48 Intro Ft. Brotha Soul
02 04:49 Soul Shine Ft. Mr. J Medeiros, Kam Moye
(Supastition), Bahamadia & Nicole Amina
03 03:46 The Hill Ft. Sivion
04 03:21 Yao Ming Ft. Project Move
05 05:15 I Been Ft. Rhema Soul
06 04:15 Drive Ft. Median, Braile & Sivion
07 03:14 Hey Now Ft. Project Move
08 01:14 Fragment Ft. Juanlove
09 05:02 Shine Through Ft. Supastition
10 03:08 The Whole World Ft. Anonymous
11 05:43 Moodswing Ft. Talib Kweli & Asheru
12 03:18 Open Your Window Ft. Stacy Epps and Rita J
13 03:21 Anthem Ft. Project Move
14 05:45 Who Am I Ft. Freddie Bruno, Sivion, Playdough &
Brotha Soul
15 04:27 Love Life Ft. El Gambina
16 03:03 The Whole World Remix Ft. Anonymous

Shine Through Ft. Supastition

Soul Shine Ft. Mr. J Medeiros, Kam Moye

Drive Ft. Median, Braile & Sivion

More music from Holland... Soulution is a producer that is signed to the Japanese record label Goontrax. To be honest almost nobody in Holland knows this guy but still I think he deserves much more attention. He managed to put together a very solid project with a lot of dope guest spots such as artists like Talib Kewli,
Mr. J Medeiros and Supastition. Make sure you give it a listen, you won't regret it.. some boom bap/jazzy hiphop for your ear drums!


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