woensdag 14 juli 2010

The Illz - The Pursuit LP

01 - The Appreciation
02 - Heaven (Higher)
03 - Melfi
04 - In Between Us
05 - Faded / Los Angeles (existen)
06 - Dark Side Of The Room
07 - Let It Fall
08 - SHINE
09 - Come IN
10 - The Pursuit
11 - The Moment You Feel Definite Hope*

<a href="http://theillz.bandcamp.com/track/heaven-higher">Heaven (Higher) by The ILLZ</a>
<a href="http://theillz.bandcamp.com/track/faded-los-angeles-existen">Faded / Los Angeles (existen) by The ILLZ</a>
<a href="http://theillz.bandcamp.com/track/let-it-fall">Let it Fall by The ILLZ</a>

"On December 15, 2009 ILLZ released his first full length project entitled ‘The Pursuit LP’. The Project, which is presented by 2 Dope Boyz and DJ Booth.net, was released to wide critical acclaim. Songs like “Melfi”, “In Between Us”, “Heaven (Higher)”, and “Faded/ Los Angeles (existen)” connected with fans and critics alike. This project lead ILLZ to feature on HipHopDX.com’s DX Next Editorial which feature new up and coming artists. Video’s for some of the songs on ‘The Pursuit LP’ will be released soon adding visuals to the great music on this project."


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