dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Fresh Breath Committee - C.P.R (2009)

01. Intro
02. Right Direction
03. Chaos
04. Keepin’ It Classic
05. Day’s Gone
06. Simple & Plain
07. Bus Stop
08. 20/20 Vision
09. Got Me Trippin’
10. Smash
11. Save The Day (Ft. Masta Ace)
12. All Mighty Men
13. Why They Do What They Do
14. Sail Away
15. Watch Ya Shadow
16. Soul Music
17. Turn It Up (Ft. The Reminders)
18. The Last Scrolls
19. Reflection Of Me

Keepin' It Classic

Soul Music

Save The Day feat Masta Ace

Bus Stop

"Fresh Breath Committee; music imbued with a classic feel and brimming with fluid grooves and compelling beats. Featuring a stable of stellar MCs who could easily turn heads on their own, the group manages to shine individually without stepping all over one another. Lyrically, the Committee has substance; whether they're grappling with matters of the heart or simply reflecting on life, the wordplay is always thoughtful. And the hooks, propped up by the soul-kissed pipes of Crystal, make the platter even more memorable. Fresh Breath Committee is a Denver hip-hop group driven to create substantial hip-hop music. Hip-hop is becoming a lost art form that they want to revive. Because hip-hop can change lives, it is music with meaning, music that wants to tell a story in order to educate others about situations that many people face. Fresh Breath Committee wants to create music that people can listen to and walk away with an increase in knowledge. There are eight members in the group contributing to create their first album, CPR. The eight members in the group are: Flawless (MC/Singer/Producer), Purpose (MC/Singer), Kontrast (MC), Fo Chief (MC), Catch Lungs (MC), Crystal (Female Singer), Hi-Res (Producer) and DJ Skip Ripkin

I never heard of the group before but this is a real nice CD, definitely worth the download!


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